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Nokia N73 3G smart phone

Gary Priest

Possibly the worst phone. Ever....

I've had this phone for almost two weeks now, having upgraded from a K750i. I have to say I wish I hadn't, but am now stuck with it for 12 months.

It's slow, but I can live with that. What I do find unacceptable is that almost every picture that this phone takes (that isn't in natural daylight), comes out very, very blue (something that every review I've ever read seems to simply brush aside, if they even mention it at all). I've tried adjusting the white balance (doesn't do anything, and I've read that thats a known bug). I've tried swapping it for a different N73 to see if it was just a dodgy handset. Same problems. It also hangs/crashes. A lot. Despite the claims about amazing battery life, I've found that the phone needs recharging every couple of days as opposed to the K750i which was about once a week. All that said and done... It does look nice. But is that really enough.

My last 4 phones have been Sony Ericssons and this is my first Nokia in about 4 years. Quite probably my last too. Oh how I wish I'd gone for the K800i instead (except its sooo ugly and bulky with that huge cheap looking lens cover).

3.2 mega pixels and a fancy lens simply don't matter when it sees the whole world as blue. My old K750i actually took better pictures.



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