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One third of Russians say Sun revolves round Earth

Big Brother

Lumpenprols, chavs, thickies etc.

Like many in IT I've worked with ex-comblockers in their late '30's, and they are a fairly elite lot. Then again they are mainly university graduates. I wonder if the lumpenproletariat pre-ordained to be thick...

Were Soviet lumpenprols better educated in Soviet times?

Are Russian lumpenprols thicker than our chavs?

DUP website translated into Irish by mischievous hacktivist


Fork off

Perhaps the Unionists (as Ulster Scots) should translate their website into Scots Gaelic.

Seems to me, Gaelic was forked about a thousand years ago, and Irish Republicans do not hold IP rights.

New spaceplane proposed for NASA station crew contract


Whay aye...

" ...you'd probably want to launch them from Canada, or Newcastle or somewhere in Alaska..."

"Nyacassle controal, wor gannin for oarbit, ower"

May I be the first to welcome our brown ale drinking overlords.

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