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Pirate Bay plans sky-high flying proxy servers

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Re: love the idea

Or MAFIAA drones launched as kinetic missiles? (SInce they can't carry any other weapons but their own mass?)

Boffins fix dead satellite using 'dirty hack' in space

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That is all.

MS advises drastic measures to fight hellish Trojan

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Kill it with fire

Trojans of unusual size^w horror.

Google 'open' nonsense brainwashes US gov

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Scientologist overlord declares victory over Anonymous

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You have to be a pretty ****ed up (or corrupt) country to grant Scientology the status of "religion." It is a DANGEROUS CULT. Just ask Germany.

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A newer, more anonymous version is apparently being worked on.

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"David Miscavige has declared victory over Anonymous."


This will be rectified.

Greek police cuff Anonymous spokesman suspect

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A title appears! Your action?

How exactly can one "speak for Anonymous?" Does a drop of water represent the sea? Can the opinion of one American be taken to be the opinion of a Nation? Can one individual truly speak for the Internet? How can you prove “membership” in a group that rejects the very idea?

As much as I understand that this is a concept that hurts some people’s minds…there are no “members” of Anonymous. There are simply people on the Interblag that periodically agree to do something that other people are doing. Every one of them makes an individual choice. None of them submit to a central authority or respect the decisions made by anyone else.

To say that someone is a “spokesperson” for Anonymous is like saying that you pulled over a random driver on the hiway, asked him some questions and suddenly they’re a “spokesperson” for all hiway drivers in the world. Say what now?

He/She/I/We/It/They are Anonymous. (But some choose not to be.)

He/She/I/We/It/They do not forgive. (Vengeful bastards, eh?)

He/She/I/We/It/They do not forget. (Well, except…wait…what?)

He/She/I/We/It/They are Legion. (There are many. Or one.)

Anyways, this sounds like a really cool idea. I think we should get all uppity about thi...LET’S GO RAID HABBO!


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