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Cattle that fail, not pets that purr – the future of servers


"on-premise" !?

The short version is:

Really, El Reg. 'On premise'? We expect better.

The long version is:

WTF is "on premise"? The only way that phrase is correct is if the author (who is alas not alone in this hideous misappropriation) is a steaming cretin. It's premiseS. The terminal S is important. Speaking of 'on-premise' IT makes no sense whatsoever. Each and every person who uses this intensely cretinous phrase just appears illiterate, irredeemably dumb or that they don't care. Whichever it is, it's a terrible, enormous shame.

There's a difference between language evolving and the spreading of stupidity: I guarantee this phrase was started by someone wasn't bright enough to realise the difference in the words. I correct everyone I meet who uses this phrase: I implore you all to do the same.


Books promo


Brick Kits?

This is looks fantastic; I'm actually in love with this idea.

I'm ordering a copy very soon. But are there kits where we can buy the Lego technic we need? The lego from my youth got donated to the spawn of my cousins (not that I'd have enough, anyway)?


Sony PlayStation Network vs MS Xbox Live

Paris Hilton

Good Review...

...but I'd never ever buy a console for which I have to pay for on-line gaming! That to me is absolutely mental and I'm not sure if it factors enough in the review. Then again, there are millions of people' with XBL accouints, so I might just be Captain Skinflint McTightarse.

Miss Hilton 'coz she's got a tigh.... actually no, I won't.



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