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Osborne on Leave limbo: Travel and trade stay unchanged


Re: Give us the emergency budget!



Looking good, Gnome: Digesting the Delhi in our belly


Re: Gnome Software

You've got it backwards.

Unity is a way more traditional desktop than gnome 3.x.

Furthermore in order to modify gnome 3.x, you have to write javascript or resort to horrendously buggy extensions written by the community.

Microsoft profits soar 31% on Office, Xbox


You missed the point.

The real point is that the PC is not going anywhere, so you can continue on using you 3-5 year old PC without any drawbacks, and put your fresh money on an iPad.

The same applies to digital cameras. Why buy a new camera, when the old one takes good pictures, and you're already using your mobile phone for photos on most occasions (because even the phone takes good enough pictures on most occasions)?

What sealed Nokia's fate?


SPB mobile shell

The SPB mobile shell transforms it to something useful. Same applies to winmobile 6.5 and S60 v5 devices.

Xbox 360 outsells PS3 2:1


Not strange since...

PS3 Move bundle is more expensive than a PS3 + a Move starter kit, and the move starter kit is too expensive in itself (i.e. too little stuff in it for the price requested).

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