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Hey fanboi, is that an EXPLODING BATTERY in your MacBook Pro?


True it's about batteries, but...

It also shows that buying from Apple doesn't get you any better components than you would get from any other vendor.

The truth about Apple's mind-boggling low tax rate



"Which is a stunningly good result from the fruity tech titan's bean counters and one that should be applauded by us all..."

Followed by "...in fact one so sufficiently damn stupid, that one has to wonder if ignorance or mendacity played a part at some point." which would certainly apply to the first statement.

I applaud the smashing of NYT sloppy work, but the author is a bit of pot himself.

Google, Oracle settlement talks fail, trial to begin April 16


Re: I beg to disagree...

"...all the major development work on Java is done in the open via OpenJDK..."

Sorry, but that couldn't be further from the truth in most major enterprise environments.

Overall, the argument you are presenting is based on a very narrow view of Oracle operations. Oracle has made great strides at the enterprise level of both eliminating the major open source competitor (MySQL) to their DB product as well as pushing new models for Java to monetize as much as possible. Support policies have become more and more narrow, and while they don't affect small development efforts, large / complex operations that depend on Java have seen major changes in the past 2 years that the Sun acquisition has been completed.

If you are downvoted, it won't be because of some ambiguous issue with Oracle, but because your statement is naive on the face of how Oracle is actually handling Java in general.


No real surprise here. Oracle picked up Sun for two major reasons: destroy MySQL, and pick up Java. Oracle has been busy monetizing Java the moment they got their hands on the property. Google has a viable alternative, but are too big for even Oracle to buy, so lawsuit it was destined to be.

Google swings new mobile unlock patent punch at Apple



Time for the rule that patents cannot be granted for designs that are obvious be actually enforced. How is either the Google patent or the Apple "slide to unlock" anything other than obvious?

This nonsense has gone on long enough. Stop feeding the lawyers, and start encouraging competition by getting rid of these ridiculous patents.

AT&T hits back: 'T-Mobile USA merger will be great, actually'


At the very heart of competition...

...is the elimination of it?

It is always funny to watch the corporate PR machine go through very painful twists of logic to rationalize how eliminating competition is somehow beneficial to consumers.

One-third of US consumers will buy an iPhone 5


Just goes to show...

...that corporate PR is worth its weight in gold.

The curious incident of Oracle and HP-UX on Itanium


Hardly a surprise...

Most people in the business have been well aware of where Oracle is headed for the past decade or so. Oracle now owns virtually all aspects of sites that used to have 3-4 major vendors. Ellison was known to be much more hardcore about his business than either Apple or Microsoft execs...but the media just focused on those two since the average Joe doesn't know anything about Oracle anyways.

And, yes, Oracle support of Sun hardware, OS and Java has taken a very notable dive. Not that Sun was perfect, but the updates coming out of the Oracle shop are several notches below what I would expect from any vendor...which would be in sync with my understanding that a lot of the Sun talent left when Oracle took over.

With the takeover of Sun, several alternatives disappeared (or will soon enough) including the one decent open source database. It turns out Sun did a lot more to hold Java together than most people imagined, and we are probably less than 2 years away from paying for Java except for a skeleton version that will exist.

What happens with the next merger?

Amazon blames hardware – not hackers – for European outage



The article starts up with a strawman argument? Neither Amazon nor Anonymous ever claimed that hacking brought down the site, but this article creates the claim. And journalists wonder why people don't take them seriously anymore...


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