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Oracle bypasses SAS/SATA controllers in flashy new servers

Dave Byrne


NVMe isn't proprietary to any one vendor. It's an industry standard. An industry standard that provides a vendor neutral way to add PCIe connected SSD's. Servers, Jbods and motherboards are in process of coming to market from a number of different manufacturers. Mostly Server products. Google is your friend.


MeeGo and the Great Betrayal Myths of tech history

Dave Byrne

Don't write Meego off yet.....

I agree with a lot that is written in this article but I still say it's to early to write off Meego yet.

There is a good business reason why key players need alternatives to IOS and Andriod. Manufacturers of handsets need to offer differentiation in their products, otherwise they will make no money, except Apple.

The network operators also need to have alternatives to the Apple and Google ecosystems that relegate them to bit pipe's with little value add or differentiation.

A true Open source platform like Meego could be the answer to these real business needs that powerful industry players have.

Finally the assumption is that the ISV community are as deeply committed and tied to IOS or Android as they were to Windows in the 90's. That is not the case. It is now a lot easier to move from platform to platform and emerging standards like HTML5 are likely to become the de-facto cross platform development environment. So all your client device will need is a good web browser.

This won't change anything in the short term. IOS and Android will continue to dominate. But I wouldn't be surprised if Meego makes a come back in a year or two.


Toshiba releases killer SSD

Dave Byrne

Increasing competition

Looks like the SSD industry is changing focus to enterprise level products. Chasing margin.

OCZ have new products.

HSGT and Intel have new products

Toshiba as the article

Etc etc

What impact is this going to have on STEC?

Is there enough of a market for all the new players?

Great for consumers though?


Flash is not that reliable

Dave Byrne

Real world experience

This is a link to a whitepaper outlining Intel's experience based on 36,000 SSD's deployed to date. Big reduction in AFR compared to HDD.




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