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Canadians taking to spying on their spies


Having lived almost all my life in Canada, and tried to get elected in the past three Federal elections (for the CHP), and having skimmed all comments up to mine, I would tend to agree with " Johnny Canuck" and "EL Vark". Additionally, I don't know anything about Trevor Pott, but I assume he is either unaware, or unwilling to learn about, the sad influence of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) on Canadian minds. My personal experiences with the CBC are described here: www.inquisition.ca/en/polit/artic/src.htm. Yes, this doesn't concern Bill C-51 directly, but it does tend to show that the CBC has great influence over what is considered important by Canadian voters.

Quebec's latest bid to break away from Canada HALTED by a single dot


Bienvenue to Soviet Quebekistan (home of the "Gouvernemaman")

Living in Quebec City, being a long-time "El Reg" reader, and as a former C++ programmer, I just had to pipe up! But no, I don't have an intelligent comment, apart from agreeing with the "Anonymous Coward" here above ("Having worked on web and other projects for the province of Quebec, I can assure you that $12M is probably a low estimate.")

At work, we once joked we should start a company specialized in government name-changing. For example, every government department seems to change names after every provincial election, usually to add something fashionable and politically correct. So over time the "Department of Energy" becomes the "Department of Energy, Wind Turbines, Sustainable Development and Abandoned Kittens" (OK, I'm exaggerating a bit, but only a bit!) And every time, they change all the signs on all the buildings, all the letterhead paper, all the websites, etc. Easy money!

What actually surprises me is that they **didn't** spend all that money for the vanity ".quebec" top-level domain.

PARIS concocts commemorative cocktail



Seeing that Playmonaut sitting so happily on top of that cocktail of atmosphere layers, I thought maybe "Stratobliss" for the drink's name?

If not, I vote (in descending order) for:

Paris - Alcohol, Recumbent In Sugar (Ikoth)

Plastered of PARIS (RathanDog)

Pariscope (Richard IV)

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