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E-book reader demand boom near

Marco 1

android 10.2" devices

using an android device with a screen that size gives you lots of functionality . Apart from the fact that you can read Kindle books on the android device and also use other e-book readers to get other books or even read .pdf I see the android as a very flexible solution that costs just a bit more than a basic kindle and much less ( about a 2/3 less) than an Ipad. Obviously battery life isn't going to be as long as a kindle as what we are using is a bit more resource hungry . I don't usually stay in the garden for more than 8 hours reading a book anyway . I can very happily "make do" with something that reads e-books , plays music , shows videos or movies , surfs the net and can make use of tens of thousands of application and even games available on the marketplace.

The interest in those devices would be higher if people were shown their capabilities more often .

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