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Sony wins subpoena for PS3 hacker's PayPal records


Your an Idiot

@Brian 6

If you bought a sports car and wanted to fit new fat alloy wheels to it would you think it wrong if the manufacturer said you couldn't ? If you wanted to remap the ECU is it not the same as circumventing their software to make it go faster so how is it ok to do that ? If you own a knife and wanted to grind the end down and use it as a screwdriver is that ok? Finally if i owned a baseball bat i would seriously want to smack you round the head with it, he owns the console and if he wants to mess with it or throw it out of a 10 storey building wtf has it got to with Sony ?

WikiLeaks payment service threatens to sue Visa, MasterCard


Crying over Paypal getting ddos

I am not going to shed tears over Paypal this is the company that

They fail to mention their total lack of security to prevent your account from being compromised by phishing & spoof sites. That if your account is accessed by a criminal using one of these methods, PayPal will hold YOU monetarily & legally responsible! Also, no place do they openly tell potential members that their money is 100% at risk. That PayPal can, will, and has in the past, completely cleaned out customers' accounts, (including your checking or savings account) with no appeals process available. Instead they bury in the fine print of 37 pages of their "Terms of Service" (ToS) where they disclose to you that PayPal can close your account for any reason what-so-ever, or no reason, and then you have to wait 180 days to get your money

hahahahah use Paypal? only if i was a complete fuckwit

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