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Euro data roaming price cut too shallow


Telco profiteering

As far as I recall a voice call from landline uses 64kb/s which works out at just under half a mega byte per minute. Charging way more than this for data is just a scam.

text messages are a moneyspinner too if you look at the cost per bit transmitted!

Apple to Google Maps: ‘Get lost’


Re: Shot across the bow

I think they may be able to offset that 80 million loss against next years profits so turning that loss into a profit!

BlackBerry users back online after outage


Oh no they're not!

blackberry owners at my work are back OFFLINE again today!!!

We7 morphs from jukebox into a radio station


Still can...

I subscribed to this when they were offering ad-free for £3.99 a month and all the old features are still available in the updated version ie search, show albums by artist, play album etc. About the price of a pint for tons of ad-free music and a reasonable catalog.

Microsoft disputes Apple's 'App Store' trademark

Jobs Horns

Why don't they go for "applapps"?

...and of course their site for adult content "applflapps" !

E-book reader demand boom near


Save money, use your Android!

I recently started reading books on my Android phone - I find it perfect for the job. It's always with me and I can easily pop in and out of my book and the form factor of my phone is ideal for this.

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