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Dirt 3

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Good game BUT

First off I am a huge Rally fan in the real wold as well as the electronic and have owned pretty much every rally game ever made.

This is a good game much better than the last Dirt because of the better rally content, game play and physics are nice and balanced and overall it is a definate move forwards however and this is a really BIG however the "Drift Showcase and Gymkhana" are totally out of place in the main game. I can accept that there are people out there who want to do these kind of events but to include both in what is essentially a rally game is annoying to say the least. They both need to be optional to the main game rather than form part of it. Make it a optional / bonus content.

Hopefully there will be yet another Dirt in which they will go back to the routes of the game and stop with all the "American" Yeah Ha and Chav rubbish and stick to the proper racing formats and any additonal content be exactly that additional content for those who actually want content like that.


Operation Flashpoint 2: Red River

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My thoughts

Have to say its a whole lot easier than the first OF however it is the better for it.

I much prefer the lack of John J moments and the requirement to think about how to take a location.

It is very much a 4 player coop game but well worth the effort.


Gran Turismo 5

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Its all about the game play

Yep not perfect

Yep not as cutting edge as other things out there

Yep takes a mind warping amount of time to load

Yep the detail is poor


It plays really well and when you mod the cars it changes how they behave and if for nothing else its worth it for that alone.

In all not a brilliant game by any sense of the word but well worth getting cheap when all the fan bois sell copies off in the not so distant future,

I had my copy on order for the best part of 3 years and truth be told it was not worth the wait after all the hype. It is however far better to play than GT5 P and much more user friendly.

If you want a semi sim racer then you will enjoy it if you want a arcade racer try about 100 other options first.



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