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HP builds touchscreen Linux PC for India



Go into your local computer store, checkout the PCs on sale, they will all be running Microsoft's closed source operating system, I was led to believe that Monopolies were bad for the economy and illegal.

If Windows was such a brilliant operating system, why did the London Stock Exchange ditch it recently for Linux? (well advised, by their mates at the New York Stock Exchange)

Why don't Google, Facebook, Amazon and many other companies use Windows.

Our National Health system, Education system, Police service and local government have given Microsoft millions and millions of pounds, when a free and better operating system exits, the only reason I can think of is, that the people who run our country are corrupt.

When the government keep telling us we are massively in debt, what they really mean is, we have a massive balance of trade deficit.

One way to make quite large dent in this deficit is to stop paying the Windows tax.

The BBC could do an immense amount to promote open source, but it hardly mentions it, this suggests to me that the BBC is corrupt also.

The fact that the BBC made a program about Linux and it was shown abroad but not here, is a dead give away.

What is now called chemistry, used to be called alchemy, this happened around the time of Issac Newton, a contemporary of Newton's was Robert Hooke and apparently they were enemies, after Newton's remarkable insights into physics, he turned his powerful intellect towards alchemy, here is the kicker, he kept his research a secret.

Hooke realised that Newton did this, because he wanted to be the only beneficiary.

Amongst others Hooke realised, that if alchemists published their results then other alchemists could build on their discoveries and the science of chemistry was born.

Why should computer science be any different?

OK I can hear all the programmers out there complaining, how do we get paid, this is like asking Astronomers Physicists Geologists Mathematicians, people in the armed sevices ETC. how they get paid, rather silly question, if you ask me.

Closed source software, only makes the people who issue the binaries richer, it makes most of the rest of us poorer.

I will give you an instance, last August I bought a 1 x NNB-831 Xplora 15.6" - AMD Athlon X2 TK42 Ati Graphics 2GB DDR2 250GB SATA HDD DVDRW from Novatech not paying the Windoze tax, saved me around £70, I put Ubuntu on it and have not looked back since.

All we need is an exec with Assange sized balls on the Beeb, and the UK could make a good sized hole in its balance of trade deficit.

Would not take much, just a few programs showing how easy Ubuntu is to install and use.

And if people think I only advocate Ubuntu, I actually run Mandriva on my PC.



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