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UK spaceport, phase two: Now where do we PUT the bleeding thing?


Re: two options

Machrihanish aka Campbeltown is on the list.


RBS: June's tech enormo-cock-up cost us £125m


Another risk

I have seen scant reference to the possible impact of this weeks power grid failure in India on outsources IT.

Did it impact any outsources IT operation? I presume that these operations (including help desks) have adequate backup power generation (how many days fuel supply on-site?). Was there any disruption to (failure of) the communications paths?

Perhaps this particular failure didn't affect any of the outsourcing areas on this occasion?

What (now) about the risk of it happening again and bringing down other regions next occasion?


DNS hijack used to deface Secunia


Great "product" sloppy processes

After a recent personal experience of a test install of PSI 2.0 Beta where the beta failed (not a problem that's what betas are for - however this was not at the bleeding edge of the beta program and it was an install on a fully patched 32 bit XP-Pro SP3 system) I discovered that the rollback to the previous version exhibited similar problems and consequently had to rollback another notch.

Unless some intervening MS patches interfered with the re-install of the previous version I was lead to the conclusion that the download (from their site) was not the same one I had download very soon after they announced its release and that Secunia had slipped out changes but failed to change the version number.

Secunia PSI Support very quickly responded to the original bug report but have maintained total silence over the "accusation".

"If my surmise is correct than that's sloppy organisation and rather tarnished your excellent "product".



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