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What sealed Nokia's fate?


Go chop wood.

This is merely symptomatic of a much deeper decline ... Nokia has abysmal hardware quality assurance. My last 4 nokia candybar phones each had varying degrees of hardware failing just weeks after purchase. Keyboards. Power buttons. Speakers. My latest x3-o2 can no longer sense a headset attachment. The timber co needs to go back and chop wood 2c the trees again.


Nokia X3 Touch and Type


little off balance

x302 now my primary mobi tho it feels a littl off balance ...

would happily trade the xtra screen width gained in the 3x4 keyboard layout (the 4th *#0 column) for the standard 4x3 matrix even if that added to the length. also much needed is a scroll rocker on right side.

sweet ph otherwise and a well balanced review.



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