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Brits blow millions on over-priced ink

Patrick Stead

A word from the company behind this survey

Having triggered this debate with our survey, I felt it was only right to respond here to some of the interesting discussion threads and the problems people have encountered.

Firstly, it’s important to understand the distinction between refilling and remanufacturing. Refilling is simply topping up a cartridge with more ink, which anyone can do providing they have a Black & Decker drill, ink, patience and an understanding spouse/housemate! It is fiddly and messy and can have extremely poor results from ruined carpets to wrecked printers.

In contrast, remanufacturing is a large scale operation using innovative techniques and equipment to remove every last trace of ink from the original cartridge before refilling. Crucially the correct remanufacturing process helps prevent problems such as clogging and cross contamination of inks (affecting print quality) that many people have outlined above and also ensures the production of cartridges that are indistinguishable in quality from original branded versions.

One scare story that continually comes up is that a printer warranty is invalidated by the use of anything other than a branded cartridge. This is untrue and only serves to scare off people who genuinely want to save a few quid and also make an effort towards sustainability and our environment.

For those who have tried remanufactured products and had a less than satisfactory experience it is worth recognising that there are those who do it right and those who cut corners. We remanufacture well in excess of 100,000 cartridges a week for household name retailers, and stationary suppliers and last year invested over £250,000 purely on research and development.

I’d also say that when it comes to premium remanufactured brands here in the UK I don’t think you could do better than buying from WH Smith, Viking Direct or Office Depot.

If you want to see the sort of things we do, please take a look at our video, here: http://www.ebpgroup.com/media/

You can also find a full list of the cartridges we remanufacture, here: http://www.ebpgroup.com/product-range/product-list/

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