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Brits blow millions on over-priced ink


If it's not OEM it's ALL bad?

Never fails to amaze me that the old "Oooh don't go near the compatible" argument gets trotted out every time something like this gets published.

The fatal mistake virtually everyone makes (and HP, Canon, Epson, etc... are all quite happy to focus their marketing efforts on it too btw) is that most people looking at compatibles go for the cheapest, tackiest option possible and then wonder why they end up with burnt fingers (or is that ink stained?).

Saying all compatible inks are cr*p is like someone saying that alcohol is a wonderful way of spending a night and wondering why they end up at the gates chatting with St Peter because they drank a bottle of Isopropyl. There are a vast array of ink manufacturers with an even wider spectrum of quality, light-fastness and just general suitability for the task.

Compatible cartridges are very difficult to nail down because very few (if any) 3rd party manufacturers will tell you where they get the ink from, and even then there is a tendancy to change supplier from time to time. So what about the other options?

There's Continuous Ink Systems, refillable cartridges or, if you're using Canon inkjets how about refilling OEM cartridges using the Durchstich or "German" method... All of these work great if you do your homework and get a decent quality ink in bulk and invest a little time in learning how to refill.

Bottom line, it's all well and good trotting out the "I spent 5 minutes looking for the cheapest brand and it bit me" excuses but if you don't bother doing your research and find a decent ink, supplier or kit, you really have nobody else to blame but yourselves.

Oh and while we're on the subject, how about looking at the good old "Service Required" issue... Epson printers hit this infamous "error" in record time nowadays adding perfectly useable printers to the landfill when the provision of a reset utility (available to North American customers - we're too thick in Europe apparently!) will reset the counter and allow you to fit an external tank or deal with the waste pads yourself.

Why nobody has written a story about that shocking waste of resources yet, is a complete mystery...

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