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Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5


Simply not true

Every Apple product I've ever used for 20 years has been among the best in class. The iPhone is no exception.

Apotheker severance outrage: $2.4m 'bonus'


Who would stop this kind of outrage from happening?

Would the board be in a position to stop this from happening? They all probably have similar arrangements at their respective "home" companies, so no. The government? Ditto, and egregiously so. Actually the government (i.e. the "representatives" and senators) is worse, because they are in a position to to make the laws, not just avoid them. And they have such golden parachutes as would make a grown (working) man weep.

HP PC boss: I'm so loving being spun off


HP simply lost its way

To compare HP's proposed sell-off with IBM's to Lenovo isn't quite valid, because when IBM announced it, it announced the Lenovo deal. For HP to talk about simply spinning it off, with no one standing next to them on the dais, throws the whole thing into disarray.

Anyway, I had already sworn off buying HP PC products, as I found their desperate scramble to move boxes left quite a bit to be desired in terms of quality. As it stands now, for HP to be betting its future on becoming an SAP-like business software vendor – which I thought was a dinosaur idea 12 or 13 years ago, when I first became involved with SAP – is just so far out of this world, its hard to comprehend.

AutoCAD LT arrives on the Mac


CAD programs

It's not just that "if you're on a Mac, there are better choices." Even back in the mid-late 1990's, ArchiCAD was so clearly the right choice for the interior designers and "design-oriented architects" that were developing J. Crew's new retail stores that the software itself led to our adoption of the Mac platform for this purpose. Not to mention the other things that came along with it, the font issues and the color issues that had solutions in the Mac world and not in the Windows world... it was the right choice then, and it remains so for many professional and high-end users today.

Apple changed shape of Galaxy Tab in court filing


Not an altered image! The Galaxy is just rotated!

Further on my previous post. I wish that I had reviewed the court filing before I posted my comment. I am now 100% behind Apple's position. The look, feel, packaging design, everything about the Galaxy is made to be just like the iPad. Do yourselves a favor, do a wee bit of research, and look. It's really inexcusable for Samsung to go that route.

Furthermore, on the "doctored" picture. It's not altered or P'shopped. Have you ever rotated your iPad 90 degrees? Did you know you could do that with a Galaxy too? Wow, suddenly a landscape orientation becomes portrait. Look closely at the picture. You can barely make out the camera lens in the border on the left. The device has simply been rotated, to show the similarity.

This whole article, and the arguments against Apple because of it, are pathetic. The lack of research and actual thought-process is just stunning.


You've got it backwards

Marmite came first. Vegemite was a competitor that arrived on the scene a decade later.


Get your facts straight

Apple "ripped the concept off?" Please get your facts straight. Here's a little excerpt from Wikipedia, (which I'm using simply because it's a convenient summary of history of events I already know to be true):

"In the mid 1980s, Apple considered buying Xerox; however, a deal was never reached. Apple instead bought rights to the Alto GUI [where the Window, Icon, Menu and Pointing metaphors were first developed] and adapted it into to a more affordable personal computer, aimed towards the business and education markets."

There are many cases of a design's look and feel being patentable and patented, and those patent holders take whatever steps are necessary to protect their patents. Don't minimize the amount of research and development Apple puts into every product they release. It's not that they "happened to get lucky this time." They have amazingly brilliant people working to "get it right," they have a mission, a vision, a world-view, which comes out in their products. There is very little left to chance.


Regardless of what Apple did...

...The fact remains that the arguments must have been vetted by the courts, and I assume Samsung had an opportunity to chime in, and I would also assume that the decision was not made based on this picture alone (which honestly makes them look as similar as a Mac and a Windows PC side by side).

If Apple's overall argument was convincing enough to the courts, they were entitled to win on the merits of their case.

Yes, we would like an answer regarding the apparent doctoring of this image, but the crux of the matter is not whether the two devices look alike. It's about overall look and feel of the design, together with operational considerations. And, c'mon, guys - it does look like an iPad. Don't doctor the images, just turn the thing sideways! Sheesh.

DIY aerial drone monitors Wi-Fi, GSM networks


What would the "right hands" be?

In the wrong hands, it would be a "metric shit-ton of evil." What, I wonder, would the right hands be? I can't even imagine a non-sinister use of this technology. Time to buy some notepads and sharpen those pencils. The risk of someone taking a rubbing from my pad seems far less nefarious than the electronic communication world nowadays.

Bish says sorry for right royal Facebook rant


wrong on so many levels

Regardless of what anyone personally thinks of the royal family, a bishop is a special animal who has special rules, responsibilities AND PRIVILEGES that go along with his office. This particular bishop has shown that he does not respect the rules and principles of his office, but his groveling apology shows that he very much wants to maintain his privileges.

He should not be permitted to do so.

Would you want someone who had shown his inner nature in this manner to perform your marriage? To baptize your child? To consecrate a burial site for your mother? Or to ordain the priest who will perform any of these activities?

Without its heritage passed on from hand to head, for millennia, the church is a mere "concept." For it to have actual substance, one must pay attention to the details. One of the details here is that there is an episcopacy in the Anglican church, and in that system, the Monarch is the head of the church.

The Bishop of Willesden, in light of his utter personal disregard for the principles that the office he occupies implies and indeed requires, should become the former Bishop of Willesden, sooner rather than later.


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