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Windows 8 and the ‘Dad test’ stunts


Re: Got that wrong then :-)

The point is that this is supposed to be an UPgrade from Windows 7. You point out that at some point someone showed an iOS user how to 'Press and hold" and at some time, a Windows user was shown how to click the start button to get to the control panel. But while the iOS feature has always and will always work, where has the start button gone? Microsoft have a habit of changing the fundamental workflow processes that people learn - the ribbon, for example - and with this latest so called "improvement" of Windows, they have taken away the start button which everybody understands and has been in use longer than most can remember. Why do this? Is this an admission that for all those years they had it wrong and the start menu isn't actually the best way to find your applications?

Carriers vs cops: Australia's spectrum conundrum


Not a single mention of License free spectrum?

Where is the part which mentions that 40Mhz of the spectrum is going to be license free? Look at how many technologies have erupted around 2.4, everything from Zigbee to Wifi to garage door openers. With new Femtocell technology there is the very real possibility that all we will need in the future is a box, an aerial, and a power supply and that IS the telecom network. The only thing standing in the way is access to free radio spectrum.

Relying on telecom companies is simply not reliable enough in the case of a disaster, whats needed is multiple cells (including smartphones acting as mobile base stations) with multiple power options and no cables. The best part is that all this can be achieved without having to invest at all in network infrastructure - the consumer bears all the cost of installation and hardware.

The technology is coming that will do away with the need for a telecoms carrier altogether. All that is required is some license free spectrum to kick start the development.

Microsoft+IE9: Holier than Apple open web convert?

Thumb Down

"Decent"?!!?! You have got to be joking!

OMG have you even used it yet?! This is surely the WORST BROWSER EVER!

Just try and access your citrix terminal servers with it, and see what it says....

4G über-auction coming next year


Following Tim Berners Lee's dream

The internet has open protocols at it's heart, and open source software permeates every area of the network - except for the last mile. How about setting aside some of the spectrum for public use, so that we can build our own networks using Femtocells?

If you think about it, there is no need to have a telecom carrier if this single obstacle is overcome - it's basically the only reason why we can't just buy a box, stick an aerial up, mesh with our neighbours and share our internet connections as required.

Unfortunately in the UK they are used to the massive injection of funds through auctioning the spectrum and so freeing up some of the spectrum will probably never happen, but smaller, less developed countries with more available spectrum will no doubt benefit from this compelling concept

http://openbts.sourceforge.net/ details how this has been achieved on the tiny island of Nuie, fascinating reading

TV sitcom opens up the world of penetration testing


Real Reality

There are enough real world examples of very clever hacks that could easily fill a season of TV shows without having to resort to naff quotes or implausible scenarios. Things like "Man in the Middle" attacks could easily be acted out in such a way that any layman understands what's going on. Cloud computing would be a perfectly understandable alternative to "60 seconds and a blowjob" to crack encryption algorithms. And how about all the social engineering tricks that we've all heard of - there's a whole season of TV shows to begin with!

My girlfriend gets really annoyed when I watch movies and can't help but point out the glaringly obvious holes in the plot - but for me these holes destroy the fantasy of being lost in a movie. I just wish that for a change the next time a character has to guess a password in order to save the day, that password is "qwerty" or "password" like it almost always is in real life!

Here's hoping that in this series the producers don't resort to the "tried and untrue" method that's so prevalent in most hollywood blockbusters.

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