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Enterprise fanbois yawn at death of Apple Xserve


"Nobody is going to pull their Xserve devices on Feb 1st"

The article keeps going on about how many users are going to keep running their servers for quite a while yet....

... but isn't that standard practice for a server? Unless you have issues with reliability, power, rack space, or something else why would you pull a functioning server of *any* brand out of a rack?

I'm sure a lot of plans are being drawn up to migrate existing servers to other platforms, but I'm not aware of many system admins that respond to a product's discontinuation by running to the server room with an axe.


Oracle names date for next Java


I think you have a mistake in your date.

The database giant has given July 28, *201* as the date for when the Java Development Kit (JDK) 7 will be released to general availability.

So it was released 1809 years ago? Bad place for a typo.....



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