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Are SANS right for converged stacks

Marin Debelic


"Am I smoking pot?"

No, you ain't Chris.

I asked the same question a few days back on twitter.

The only reason I can still see the need of a SAN in a converged stack is to provide independent scaling of server unit's vs disk spindles (one to many, many to one etc) within the individual converged stack.

However, this adds major cost and complexity and given the lowering cost of both disk and servers, the question is -is it worth it? Why not overprovision either (server or disk) side and use as fit togher with a software virtualization layer?

NetApp reveals Exadata backup plan

Marin Debelic


This is interesting.... I wonder how supportive will Oracle (ex-STK) be of this offering?

NetApp Flash Cache for no cash

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Cisco and NetApp are all loved up

Marin Debelic


I am wondering whether it would be politically (and revenue-wise) worthwhile for Cisco to OEM or resell any NetApp product and irritate another partner (say EMC). The current strategy of the Flexpod (Ntap+cisco+vmware) relationship appears to push all integration to the channel VAR partners. I suspect that any integration of additional software would take place in the same way. If its technically viable, of course.

Can NetApp catch up with EMC?

Marin Debelic

EMEA results

Just to be fair with NetApp EMEA folks: it looks like they are in line with the European rates of economic recovery. If I am not wrong, EMC's last results were: US up 21%, APAC 28%, Latin 23%, EMEA 14%. Hence, NetApp is pretty much on par with EMC in EMEA. Perhaps not as bullish as they would like, but nevertheless no disaster.


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