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Net neutrality victory: FCC approves 'open internet' rules in 3-2 vote


Re: Well no worries then . . .

Well I am quite familiar with the process, having been involved with development of rules on more than one occasion. I regularly have to dive into the Federal Register to tease out interpretations of rules base on the lengthy mind-numbing preamble of a rule.

Your interpretation is the FCC doesn’t know what it is doing, so no worries, the rules are illegal.


Well no worries then . . .

@doctariAFC2: "SInce we have not seen the regulations before the commission voted to adopt, which BTW is illegal . . ."

Well, since it is illegal I guess we don't have to worry about the FCC's rules! That silly FCC doing that illegal stuff.

Their is more than one regulatory process - guess you do not know the difference between, executive agencies and independent commissions.


Re: Title 2

"As to why they weren't released before the vote. I think there are 3 theories on that."

None of the 3. This is how the FCC has always operated. There is nothing to release until the vote is taken and the rule set. Once published in the Federal Register the rule is not effective for 30 days.


Regulations are 8 pages rest is supporting documentation/explanation.

See summary at http://www.fcc.gov/document/fcc-adopts-strong-sustainable-rules-protect-open-internet

The FCC never releases the full report prior to being finalized.

The FCC ruled can be overridden by a law passed by congress, assuming the president doesn't veto the bill.



"Currently NO ISP is charging content providers off their networks with interconnect fees. Market forces are stopping that. If the market already stops that, why does the government have to step in to "stop" something not happening?"

NETFLIX . . . You are soooo wrong. Wait am I being trolled? Surely that must be it . . . Never mind, either way there is no hope for him.



Well you do know the Act has been tweaked a few times. Common carrier is a pretty straight forward ideal and the FCC has some specific regulations for this case. So I think someone at the FCC has done some thinking on it.

And . . . I think you should watch the BTTF movies again and pay attention to the character using the "Hello McFly!" line. You and he might have much in common, so you might miss my meaning.

Black Helicopters

Re: We Internet pioneers breathe a sigh of relief

" 3. "Net Neutrality". The FCC and Obama came up with a plan to let governemnet agencies have vast sweeping control over what we see, hear and say on the Internet and they called this plan "Net Neutrality". Same name, but completely different meaning."

That makes perfect sense, kinda like the PATRIOT ACT. How come we did not get #3? Surely this will not stand . . . Hopefully the Republicans will straighten this out so Plan 3 is adopted. Need more tinfoil.


Re: Death to CDNs ??!!?? Umm NO

Don't know why I bother, but ISPs cannot priorities a company’s bits coming into its network over another company’s bits. Akamai helps deliver the bits to the ISP’s gateway, so no Akamai is fine.

Netflix: Look folks, it's net neutrality... HA, fooled you


The US system differs from Australia's. Aussie has data caps and local ISP competition, while US has local ISP monopolies or near monopolies with no data caps. Netflix is not paying to prioritize Netflix data, they are paying the ISP not to have a homeowner's Netflix streaming count against the homeowner's data cap just as other media providers are doing.

Net neutrality in the US is about local ISPs not blocking or prioritising data from one company over another's as they were doing with Netflix. QOS, network management, is fine as long as it does not favor one company's data over another.


Re: Net neutrality

At least some do, do you understand that NN isn't about QoS? QoS/network management is fine as long as is as long as it doesn't favor on companies data over another.

Net neutrality: The world speaks its brains on secret 'open' 'net rules


Re: Top Secret

First you should educate yourself on how things work before you spout off.

FCC operates within its legislatively defined mandate. Which is why Verison's lawsuit forced the FCC to develop these NN rule. The court told the FCC it could not implement NN unless it classified the ISPs as common carriers.

The FCC has never releases rules prior to vote. Rules have to be published in Federal Register and are not effective for 30 day after published.

The FCC is an independent executive agency. President nominates members but has no direct control of commission and can not remove members except in extraordinary circumstances. Members have to include both Dem. and Rep.

British Lords: Euro 'right to be forgotten' ruling 'unreasonable and unworkable'


Re: Smaller search engines??? Link to

Maybe google should return something along the lines of:

"Sorry we don't have all of the information on that subject. Might want to try you search on one of oour competitors such as <insert smaller search engine>."


Indie ISP to Netflix: Give it a rest about 'net neutrality' – and get your checkbook out


Talk to Holleywood . . .

Holleywood won't let Netflix let the ISPs cache the content, so Netflix created openconnect servers for the ISPs. Those ineffinecies cost Netflix money too.

The last thing that we want is a provider has to pay the ISPs. If that is the case small ISPs that serve small audiances are likely to be leftout due to economics. Why would Netflix bother trying to reach a few thousand possible subscribers in sparcely populated areas.


Talk to the Holleywood/MPAA

"Netflix generates huge amounts of wasteful, redundant traffic and then refuses to allow ISPs to correct this inefficiency via caching"

Holleywood won't let Netflix let the ISP's cache the content and see Openconnect as has been pointed out. Those inefficiencies cost Netflix money too Mr. ISP . . .

ICO: It's up to Google the 'POLLUTER' to tidy up 'right to be forgotten' search links


Related to removing links from search engine providers?

Is there much case law related to removing index links from search engine providers? Several question about the process would seem to be unique to google, bing etc.

Microsoft touts SCROOGLE merch: Hopes YOU'LL PAY to dump on rival


Re: Keep calm...

Opps . . . .

Except US District Judge Denny Chin doesn't agree with the Author's Guild. Apparently he rejected a proposed settlement agreed to by both sides.

I just can't see why an author needs to be paid 70 years after his death. Unless of course I can get in on the deal :)

Here is the ruling:


Microsoft: YES! You can have your desktop back again for FREE!


Re: Desktop 'dumped'?

Bothersom for you and most tech people but most users are baffeled by it. You know the users don't even know you can copy and past using crtl + c and ctrl +v. Tell them push Windows +d . . . most likely they have never used the windows key.

I have had 4 or 5 people in the last few weeks ask me how to get Windows back on their new machines in the last month LOL . . .


Re: “advance the bold vision”

"Ribbon has (by and large) won users over, but it took a long while - many staunch haters now actually like it."

No most users in the corporate world don't have a choice. They are stuck with the damn thing. All of the advance users of Office that have any experience with Word pre 2007,universally dislike the ribbon, but they have no option to change it. Hell one chap brings in his own lappy with 2003 for use on any complicated documents he has to prepare. LOL

Open-source attack dog enters Ballmer's inner ring


Re: Libre/Open Office?

Yes they published just wonderful specs that included gems like format as done in Word 2000. Really helpful, NOT! If you actually look at the history of the standardization process for Office Open XML you will see how screwed up the process was. There was nothing standard about the process of getting the approval. MS abused a process that was not designed to protect against the likes of MS.

Apple, Samsung patent judge: 'I feel like I'm in Groundhog Day here'


Re: I'm curious -

that is the problem with these cases the only ones sure to win are the lawyers . . .


Re: Just pay up

Why should they do that. It seem pretty clear that the foreman and/or the jury screwed up. Didn't follow the judge's instructions and were in such a rush that the damage award makes no sense. Something is wrong with the way the jury handled the deliberations.

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Re: Easy answer

+1 Man . . . Would enjoy that and I could use the exercise being a geek that sit on his arse too much . . . ;))

The Sinofsky Letters: Defenestrated Windows overlord corresponds


Re: XTree Gold?

I remember back in the late 80s the joy of finding XTree Gold. :) Damn . . . I guess that makes me an old fart :(

Apple pounces on Samsung doc as proof of 'slavish copy' claims


Re: Unfortunately you don't have $80K of credibility

OK . . . an "expert" in icon and GUI design that after spending 10 seconds looking the the Samsung and the iphone has a problem identifying which is which isn't much of an expert. Then again, maybe the $80,000 clouded his mind a little.

Ouch! Facebook slumps below IPO value on day 2



When the young CEO purchases a company that hasn't made a dime for a BILLION dollars, apparently without bothering to bring the rest of the board in on the deal . . .

Well, I am not going to be putting any of my money in his hands . . .

US telly big boys open fire on 'cloud streaming' biz Aereo


Re: Nice try

Digital signals are transmitted over the air . . . all US TV stations have transitioned to digital broadcast.

Netflix: How to completely screw up


Great . . .

Now for the same service (streaming and DVD mail) I have to deal with TWO companies instead of one. Would have made more sense to keep it all under NetFlix and have a bundle price for both DVD mail and streaming and price for individual services.

Fortunately, I didn't purchase the Roku player I was looking at a few weeks back. I think I will pass now. RebBox here I come . . .

A Linux server OS that's had 11 years to improve


What? . . .

Why would you want to dual boot a server OS? Is it shocking you can't set up Win Server 2008 to dual boot when installing it?

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TROLL . . .

Perhaps the most telling part of your rant: "encourage people to make servers that they don't intend to play"

Well you see a lot of people don't like to play with things when dealing with businesses, they want things to just work. They don't like to hear thing like "Well the network is down because I want to play with this new super cool package and it screwed up everything else."

- and - "it's a "click-and-build" config with very bad defaults and no concept of security just waiting to introduce disaster." Its clear you have no ideal what the hell you are talking about and at this point you are just TROLLING . . .

Feel free to play with yourself and whatever distribution of Linux you like in you mums basement ;)

If I need to get a functioning basic secure system in place in under an hour this will do it. Not everyone needs the latest set of cool tools to get the job done. This has a specific place in a small business setting, it is not meant to be all that flexible.


Good Point

Thanks. That is something I failed to point out, it isn't just turning off services it also automatically reconfigures the system to make things secure.

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I.... SMELL.....

A TROLL . . .


Not according to the article

Well . . . if you can't install a contrib you wouldn't be able to install any Linux package and configure it. Most of the contribs are standard packages that have been built for the SME system. Many have the configuration available via the web interface others require modification of config txt files as the server has no GUI.

As far as turnig off services here is the procedure:


wget "Link to contrib" (found in instruction)

yum localinstall smeserver-service_control-2.0-1.noarch.rpm

Goto the web admin page click Service Control and uncheck services you don't require. Hit save.

Boy that was so hard better take the rest of the week off . :)

It is obvious that you have different needs from a server distro. Luckly you are free to use whatever suits your needs.



Most services can be turned off easily

There is a contrib that allows you to easily turn off services with a click of a box. The appropriate ports etc are then turned off without automatically.

Again this is a turnkey system. If you don't need most the out of the box features, or want to be able to install more than one or two things not in the contribs section you need to look at a different distro.


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