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Apple sticks finger in dyke, cuts off Dutch flood of Galaxy S, SII, Ace

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Google, Amazon, Starbucks are 'immoral' and 'ridiculous' over UK tax


We "Do No Evi". We're so cool, we're so smart ,and not a bozo in suits, yeah, we're so cool. our products are all free. and, erm, oh yeah open source. we're so cool. bull fucking shit.

And last time I went to Zurich, the cheapest hotel was nearly $250 a night, and no restaurant was south of $60 ahead. Why the fuck would you trade coffee with a Swiss company who's more known for their banking than past colonies around the globe, one of which of such colonies might grow coffee beans? bull fucking shit.

British judge: Say you're sorry Apple... this time like you MEAN it


wow are you all just samsung supporters or do they pay you five bucks to make an online astroturfing army like China's people's party? -- having lived in asia for years and just look around, how many things are copied, or rather, how many products are NOT copied, small and big. -- Samsung's own president or whatever was PARDONED 3 times by the south korean president for some pretty serious crime (pretty serious considering that gambling is forbidden in SouthKoera) Crimes that could/should have mounted up to 15 yrs behind bar.

but samsung just makes so much $ for the SK, they pardoned him. That's the kind of land you are looking at.

Go Apple!

China's largest rare earth supplier halts production


agreed in july and 3 months on, I am sure WTO people are so very busy jetting from one capital to another barely have time for those truffle foie gras lunches. I am sure companies can last another 5 years while waiting on their judgement. well done admitting china to the wto

Chinese e-cars to turn London cabs green


Hope to find it in a picture soon so to avoid it next time in London. Will never support Chinese companies

APPLE: SCREW YOU, BRITS, everyone else says Samsung copied us


They are asked to declare it to the world or just UK that Samsung didn't copy Apple -- Check

Rulings from other countries suggest otherwise --- True --- Check

What's wrong?

I am glad to see them protecting their product to this extent against products from some asiatic company whose bosses were three times pardoned for crimes by South Korean presidents simply because they generate gso much $ for the country.

Chinese e-tailer to build 1,000 empty stores


when I read up to the words that read they would scan the QR codes in the store, I was thinking "oh that's a good idea, they then will proceed to the 'check out' and their goods will be there neatly in a box, then NFC kicks into pay. Wow, that's fast, wish they have this here"

boy was I disappointed as I read just a little further.

325 Dicks sell for AUD$20m



godamnnit, you guys gotta stop using such titles, you don't know how it feels to have milk coming out of your nose!!!!

Hong Kong has fastest broadband on the planet


again and again and again and again and again and again.

there are pukes who want to be fukcing john lennon from places like berkeley who want to meditate 24 hours a day, speaking every sentence peppered with spirituality and therefore can live no where else but some remote ass 4WD-required, 10-miles-from-own-mail-box place.

Then there are the garden variety rednecks who need their space to practise the greatest 8 seconds

all in all, you get a fiber-mile / person ratio likely greater than 100, and that person may or may not use your service. Hong Kong, two things, being asiatic city, they are just eager eager eager to not want to appear fallen-behind, they always want to make sure to LOOK sharp, so the gov doesn't mind tossing however much to suppor this sort of infrastructure project. And even in New Territory, the density of people is still greater than probably most cities in NA.

Wikipedia collapses threatening the very fabric of civilisation


eventually wikipedia will be hosted torrently like, everybody hosts a few hundred articles that probably saves wikipedia a few million a year on servers and it's almost impossible to bring down. The most text pages will guarantee fast loading.

Judge: Apple must run ads saying Samsung DIDN'T copy the iPad


Apple, you must not give in to these asiatic xeroxers!!!!!

Surface: Because Microsoft does so well making hardware?


One thing for sure

They don't have to worry about people NOT helping them write drivers... Come on, Hit ME, I want you to do it I want you to do it, I want the most thumbsdown!!

Linus Torvalds drops F-bomb on NVIDIA

Thumb Down

Re: wow,

from what I've understood. there's this os, there's this piece of hardware, the hardware isn't providing drivers for this os, does it cost something to write a driver for this os and distribute it?



wow, this open source puke, alongside with many others, (hold your horses, many OTHERS are splendid, okay, before you scream) whenever I asked: can you please make a version that's compatible with the other lib? Fukcers would say, "well, it's open source, you can always make your own"

Well, Linus, it's open source, you can always make your fukcing own

China and US argue over smog tweets


Re: Feed

I was actually hoping some of us will start some sort of manufacture proxying service in the West, something like you tell me in a rough sketch what you want to make, then I find the proper network of factories in multiple countries that doesn't include China so to weaken their exports. According to The Economist, their exports are actually not accounting as much of their income as most people thing, only 13%, their main bacon is investment. But where they first get the $ to invest in something? exports. -- If we can do the proxying mentioned and toss them out of these investments, without the "fledging" economy, they can't bark as loud


Re: Lol or not

two biggest polluters. Sure. yeah. right

pick out any 200 cities from each. then have a sniff at 20 random spots in each. you know there's no comparison.

in fact, next time when traveling to the US, ask one of these Chinese immigrants what they like about their new country. they almsot uniformly inject "really clean air" in their answers.

two biggest polluters. Sure. yeah. right.

China claims piracy at new low


yeah right, forget about it

have you been to china? -- I don't just want to explain and give analysis. I want to give everything the same knee-jerk reaction the Chinese have to paying for software: nothing. it's like you expect tap water to be free in a restaurant, they believe-- wait, wait, wait, it's NOT "believe", it's like apple just falls from trees, babies just know to look for a nipple for food, software of any kind to the chinese is either free or might-as-well-be-non-existent.

Apple relents, doubles EU warranty (sort of)


wtf is socialism?

no warranty must be the most unsocialism then? I live in the US, and can't understand what the fukc does socialism have to do with anything. -- they are probably projecting whatever the hell they are feeling (they being good god fearing americans) about Obama's health care laws towards electronic devices. Health care and people. Warranty and electronics. Bammm. Mustn't allow companies to force us down our throat free warranties. How dare they.

If they don't want it in the US, take that one year off of their products and add it to the European one's to even out. Hey, it's win-win-win-win-win-win-....

Apple Oz offers refunds for confused 4G iPad owners


thought competition is always good?

I guess nothing can always be a certain characteristics: competition is ALWAYS good, eating greens is ALWAYS good, drinking more water is ALWAYS good.

Ask the Californians about privatizing PG&E, and you'll know competition is not always good. -- now 4g is more fragmented than a bag of chips in a kid's knapsack, wasn't that supposed to be great news? Fight it out! May the best survive to serve humankind? -- "competition is always good" is a rule of thumb only used when you can get no more information about the matter to make the decision. Like occam's razor sort of thing. -- When they first conceived 4g, I doubt it took a moment of thought to realize the lack of agreement on standard would destroy opportunity for smooth global sale for manufacturers. And big guys like Samsung and Apple can throw more $ at it to have different plants make different 4G kit eventually, but smaller guys can't afford to hire more assembly lines doing different 4g implementation, that obviously damps competition more than anything else. all in all, nice standards body governance.

Rising China costs get manufacturers moving


just curious, does anyone know how to make a lightbulb? seriously, a lightbulb. I'll pay you a meaningful sum of money if you can make but one bulb without using any tutorial material produced after Edison's time. I doubt it will take you less than 5 years. No the Chinese aren't mental invalids, but just because you aren't, doesn't mean you are able to make something. Yet the Chinese are making almost anything you care to name from A to Z, Just how do they "know"? You can't reason away the IP theft. Just take a moment to imagine that you spend 10 years working on something that might make you pretty well off and allows you to do things you've always wanted and bam, the fucking Chinese steal it and make cheaper version (and cheaper not because their produciton method is better than yours). How is that ok?

New iPad 4G data connection will only work in America


I knew it!! I was looking for a comprehensive map of "4G' whatever that means deployment of the world, I couldnt' reallly find one, but based on all that I can read about, only the US, Sweden have "4G", with the swedes' much faster. That's about it. ---

jesus, I thought my complaining about having to buy an 8 euro plug adapter down at BHV in Paris was bad.... say, most of the world now having heard the horn from Apple about 4G will now pushing for it harder, so they will get all their license or whatever ready in 2012, and by the end of the year, signal tower building commences, and let's say they go to pace of Chinese show-off-ism, by the end of 2013, most of the world should have some kind of 4G, And maybe by that time, Apple's iPad 5 will be able to deal with all the fragmented 4G standards and claim king

The Widest Band iPad.


Samsung seeks bans on the iPhone 4S


don't own any fruity product but hope Apple wins

On grounds of being fair: they both have probably infringed a few actually important patents of the other, a many more trivial ones. but consider this, do you know how to make a light bulb. You might go "what?". Well, I am sure you're not a mental invalid, probably with a degree in physics. But just because you're not a mental invalid, doesn't mean you know how to make a lightbulb. And that goes on for everything you see made by Koreans. Many electronics that brought Samsung its current wealth weren't invented in Korea, or any parts of the asiatic world. No no no no, they have absolutely brilliant people in Korea I am sure, but as said, b/c you're brilliant, doesn't mean you have to know how to make an LCD tv, a car engine, basically almost everything in btwn A-Z.

At least Apple doesn't have a government that pseudo backs it. And looking at the smart phones before and after the iPhone, I mean, c'mon. Even alien dropping by can clearly see definable change thanking to the iPhone.


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