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Cray's midrange line big on Xeons, GPUs

Matthew Malthouse

Unanswered questions....

What colour are the seat cushions?

NetApp dumps Filerview for new model

Matthew Malthouse

Another reason

Another reason to look harder at Sun's new storage offerings.

Ubuntu lovers slap Canonical over Firefox EULA

Matthew Malthouse
Black Helicopters

Is it so difficult....

...to read the EULA and say yes or no? Or even skip to the bottom for the yes/no buttons without reading it. Surely that's what 95% of users do.

HP's EDS acquisition to kill 24,600 jobs

Matthew Malthouse

Potentially a good deal...

The taxpayer could keep the entire EDS workforce in benefits indefinitely and still be financial ahead of the game if only EDS/HP promises to never, ever bid on a UK government tender again.

Thus passes to C&W

Matthew Malthouse
IT Angle

Where does one go...

I've stuck with Demon to avoid the cycle of falling from one bad ISP to another that only looks better because it hasn't shafted you yet.

Anticipation of Thus falling to Clueless and Witless's level of incompetence may be all very reasonable. But where can one go for anything better?

Fujitsu wants NHS exit payment

Matthew Malthouse
IT Angle

Hands off our money?

But don't you see the opportunities here?

Buy an off the shelf company, tender for the inevitable replacement contract and get it by promising the earth for tuppence then within the year you too could be trousering millions for delivering nothing.

Slightly more seriously I have some sympathy with Fujitsu. Government contracts are essentially impossible, principally because the civil servants who negotiate them generally have no idea what they want then change the terms when they realise that what they bought isn't actually what they need. At least Fujitsu have had the decency to say they don't want to play this game. Other companies in similar situations have milked such situations for contract variation fees many, many times the value of the initial deal.

backhanders are a possibility, but if you go with Occam's "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem" incompetence is sufficient explanation.

Google releases open source browser

Matthew Malthouse

Yesterday they said tomorrow

Which would now be today, even in the States. So where is it?

Acer Aspire 8920G 18.4in laptop

Matthew Malthouse
Thumb Down

Not nearly enough...

...shiny per buck.

Cash'n'Carrion: A lean, mean, fighting machine

Matthew Malthouse

More stuff please

Like mugs and pens and mugs and post-its and mugs and mice-mats. But mostly mugs.

And the T-shirts... well hardly geeky, are they. Now a polyester button-down collar, short sleeve shirt with breast pocket AND pocket protector with BOFH logon on the other side. Well, then you'd be talking.

IT career virgins need a cherry on top

Matthew Malthouse
IT Angle

Not what we want

We've got an agency-worshipping, box-ticking HR department, determined to find perfect candidates, expert at everything we do.

The idea that we hire someone who might have the ability to learn what we do rather than know it all already is given short shrift.

This is why we have three vacancies. And have had at least two at any given time for the last two years.

Canon EOS 400D digital SLR

Matthew Malthouse
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Being a pathological upgrader I looked at the 450D.

Having the 350D and this 400D which share: battery format; CompactFlash cards and add-on battery pack.

The 450D has moved to SD card and changed the battery format. The improvements, while real, are not significant enough to warrant carrying around 2 types of whatevers to feed the thing.

So perhaps this review is timely: Get a rather good camera at an advantageous price. The more so for existing cannon users or anyone with a pile of CF cards.

BOFH: The PFY's comeuppance

Matthew Malthouse

Something's wrong here...

BOFH + PFY + cattle prod + van + an IT Director of the dwarfish persuasion...

And the short person survived?

BOFH: The Boss gets Grandpa Simpson syndrome

Matthew Malthouse

Dropping the PDP11

Would be harmless enough were it not enclosed in half a ton of "Mini" computer.

It was an ATEX system. It was the Irish Times.

And it was from the second floor to the pavement.

Sun's UltraSPARC T2+ servers ship full of Niagara Viagra

Matthew Malthouse
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Da kitteh is cute

100+ Sparc64 processors just last week replaced by 16 T1, listen to the purrs.

Got some T2s on order. Purrs more.

Hoping the T2+ will (if we ever think we need them) tickle the kitteh behind both ears at once.

UK VPN security is outstandingly mediocre

Matthew Malthouse


I met this guy on the plane to Lagos and he invited me to use his internet café. You going to say that telnet to work's financials system wasn't secure? Heck, nothing nasty's happened so far so it must have been okay, right?

Solar-powered ion drive asteroid probe set for launch

Matthew Malthouse

Pounds and ounces

0.02 lb-force =approx 0.3 ounce-force = 92 millinewtons ie 0.092 not 0.1.

It's the same engine as DS1 - three on-board but only one in use at a time. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Space_1

Sun finally crafts proper x86 and SPARC blades

Matthew Malthouse


"compact chassis"

10 severs in 10U

Now 16 servers in 3U I considered "compact". Like the B1600 chassis Sun produced, what, 4 years ago? Now whatever happened to them?


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