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Er! Think it does affect a lot more than you may think!

Having worked in more than a few pubs in my time, I think this problem will affect more than 1 or 2 Register readers.

In fact, any one who has Ice in their drinks, or has beer from a pump or tap.

I've found a fungus in many ice makers, check to see if there are black spots in your ice - and No, I am not joking.

Also, the pipes delivering your beer from the barrel or keg should be cleaned each week using a recommended chemicals, plus there should be, as in the best bars, a wash with clean water after every barrel change.

The yeast from the beer can mutate into interesting variations if left un-attended, and can lead to victims calling on the Great God Huey on the Cosmic Telephone.

A pub with a regular cleaning regime is a good pub - they will probably look after the beer better as well. Ask the bar person when was the last time the pipes were cleaned - if they don't know, drink elsewhere.

Personally speaking, I prefer my beer to pass through my kidneys and not pass my tonsils on a return journey.


Facebook bug sin-bins female users


First Phishing email Facebook Down

Hiya All,

Just received a phishing email requesting me to download a letter giving details.

Looks very good - but doesn't address me by name as the real emails do;

Facebook Service. Your password has been changed. ID208 From: Facebook office <donotreply.nr.2346@facebook.com> Hide Add to: To Do, Calendar To: xxxxxxxx@xxxx.xxx Date:Thu, Nov 18, 2010 6:37 amFacebook_document_Nr6219.zip

Dear Customer.

A spam is sent from your Facebook account.

Your password has been changed for safety.

Information regarding your account and a new password is attached to the letter.

Read this information thoroughly and change the password to complicated one.

Thank you for your attention,

Facebook Service.


PS: hidden my email address as xxxxxx@xxxx.xxx as I don't want any more spam


AOL preps mail beta



OK, OK, so I am a type of geek with AOL, as I have found AOL reasonably easy to work with on my mobile phones as I get them as my main access - up until recently - when due to all the fiddling around with the email by AOL, it has been becoming a complete PIA trying to connect.

I'm using Android at the moment, but I have to use the Opera mini browser to access email, but that doesn't guarantee being able to actually read them.

I'm giving them 1 more week, then if it doesn't resolve, I'm off to gmail full time.



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