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WTF is... up with e-book pricing?


Or try buying your eBooks from somewhere else?

Not usually to be plugging someone what takes their money in USD, but look at Baen Books. Switch authors. They have a lot of good stuff and don't charge daft amounts of money for it. Eric Flint has a good explanatory rant at http://www.baen.com/library/ but the real kicker is this is a real publisher and doesn't seem to be out of business yet...


Samsung's Android tablet: split and eviscerated


An proper small portable

It's about the same price as the 3G iPad, which is fair enough. Well, actually it can be cheaper, depending on where you look for the Galaxy Tab and how badly you want to be ripped off for the Jobsian thingy.

I bought one of these, having played around with several peoples' iPads (hmm, fondled others' slabs, perhaps?). My overwhelming impression of the iPad was "slick, responsive, too damn big". Size does matter, but not quite the way Steve says it does. I can use the Galaxy Tab while standing, holding it in one hand[2], which I can't do with the iPad; that has to rest at least an edge on something, be it a lap or a table. Yes, some apps don't handle the big screen well, but a surprising number do, and the (few, so far) I've found that don't I don't really care - I use them for function, not form and the function works fine. If I want to play proper games on the go (which is not often), I own a proper portable game thingy which only runs down its own battery...

The real kicker is I find I can actually use it properly as a terminal, ssh into things and use them[1]. This is the first usable mobile computer I've had since someone sat on my Psion V. I mean, I'm sure you can do pretty much everything with an iPad too, but not while standing at a bus stop.

[1] It's at this point, to revive a flame war even the gods thought long dead, that one discovers how great it is to know vi as well as emacs :-)

[2] This being El Reg, I'm sure I don't have to point out the advantages of one-handed operation when engaged in certain other activities that are Not Allowed with an iPad...