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The Facebook job test: Now interviewers want your logins


Re: Unemployable

You're possibly thinking of "Sneakers".

Setec Astronomy?

LOHAN deluged with Reg readers' interjections in REHAB


what am i missing?

Maybe I'm just being slow, but once the motor ignites (assuming it does) the pressure inside goes up. I don't think that happens in space, does it? At least not measurably, anyway. So is this a fair test? Or are you only interested in ignition behaviour and not the full burn?

And yes, I realise that the lid will lift to release excess pressure, but isn't that a safety thing? internal pressure still rises to a value greater than space, thus not giving an accurate idea of the full burn.

Re. Perspex lid, need to be careful you don't melt the lid with the rocket exhaust. I also wouldn't imagine you would see much when the motor was going.

Apache threatens Oracle with Java exit


"Everything is proceeding as I have forseen"

...cackled Oracle.

If, as you say, Oracle do not respond to threats and if, as you say, Oracle appear to have no respect for the JCP and if, as you say, Oracle intend to do whatever they want anyway; then the ASF leaving the JCP is exactly what Oracle needs.

Imagine; Oracle say "No". The ASF then leave. Oracle then announces that, through no fault of it's own, the JCP is no longer useful since such an esteemed and well respected member has left.

The Senate, er, JCP, will finally be disbanded. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away. Regional governors will have control of their territories. Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battle station... hang on, where am I again?

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