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Android ransomware DoubleLocker encrypts data and changes PINs

Dez Scotland

Safe mode?

Couldn’t the user just boot up android safe mode ?


RIP Samsung 'Death Note' 7

Dez Scotland

Re: Hmm

1. Too thin?

Probably... there was a video online of a "bend test" in a lab where the handset exploded when the stress of bend ruptured the battery inside.

2. Overheating whilst charging?

500% more likely with Fast-Charge enabled. Fast-charge seems an insane invention / idea to me...

I have fast-charge disabled in my Samsung S7 Edge

- I don't need it, don't want it, don't trust it (and when I tried it once my handset got quite hot!)

3. USB-C

Apparently USB-C can carry a higher current for charging. This combined with Fast Charge seems like pushing your luck to me!


Inside our three-month effort to attend Apple's iPhone 7 launch party

Dez Scotland

Be nice to people on your way up...

Apple need to remember they almost went bust before the iPod

After many years of iPhone ownership (since iPhone 4) I have jumped ship and moved to Android

Apple are overpriced and usually behind the in features. Most "new" iPhone features are copied from other platforms and manufacturers.

Ironic for a company so frequently in court sueing their competitors for exactly the same thing.

Apples future died with Steve Jobs, Cook is driving Apple back towards the brink and there can be little sympathy offered to a company who bends and evades paying their taxes globally.


iTunes App Store sprouts 'Hall of Fame'

Dez Scotland

There's lies, damn lies and then there's App Store ratings!

If the hall of fame is anything like the way Apple rates apps in the app-store in general then it will contain susprises that nobody can fathom...

... e.g. 'Phone Tracker Spy Pro' is on #13 in the 'Top-25' app-store apps (was #10 at the end of last week). This presumably is due to the large number of downloads of this (non-free) app?

However, the * rating is currently 3 out of 5 (was 4.5 out of 5 last week). This is totally misleading as almost all of the 1000+ user ratings give the app one or zero stars and all are contain negative comments about a fake/joke app this is mis-sold as the app description ends "It works - Guaranteed!" - and nowhere does it admit to being a fake/joke app.

Apple appears happy to take their share of the £0.59 purchase cost everytime some (dumb/trusting) user downloads this horrendous app.

So how does Apple's Top-25 and * star rating work? I suspect an app is awarded the max 5 stars for every download, and this is only reduced if the purchases chooses to rate it afterwards. VERY MISLEADING. Naughty Apple!



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