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Teradata rides data analytics wave in Q3

Paul Johnson (VLDB Solutions Ltd)
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Catch me if you can?

It's not just Teradata's market cap that would deter buyers - IBM is buying Netezza, HP has Neoview (no, seriously), Oracle has Exadata, Microsoft swallowed Datallegro some time ago and recently EMC bought Greenplum to join the parallel DBMS party.

Why did NCR spin off Teradata is surely the real question!?!?!?

Paris, as she's 'reassuringly expensive'.


Teradata pumps data warehouses with six-core Xeons

Paul Johnson (VLDB Solutions Ltd)
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Teradata's MPP architecture (on all but the single node SMP machines) is predicated on scaling out, not scaling up by building fat SMP nodes. You want to go faster? Deploy more nodes! (economics and data centre space notwithstanding).

As a result there is not the same pressure to always offer the absolute latest and greatest CPUs, especially when the processing capability has to be balanced with the IO sub-system capability. Not that more oomph is not welcome. The relatively recent move to x64 and SLES (from NCR's 32bit MP-RAS) has been an enabler on the performance front.

SSD disks may just have met their match with the 'sub-optimal' queries Teradata end users are fond of running ;-)



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