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Top Ten Retro PC Games



Ultima, Populous, 7th guest, Myst. CLASSICS!!!

(and dugeaon master again?) (and warcraft rules?) (or is dune too old?)

(DOTT, Larry, god LS LARRY that rocks this smell innovations, what? revolution and dirty context for young nerds before the word even existed, gabriel knight, Alone in the dark) 80-90 RPG and Adventure Golden age

Dude, they did some good S*%£ back then

Q: which games did we buy the 3DFX for???????

(3DFX killed the video games nana na na nana naaa...)


console Niet


Sonic, Zelda and some other are console.

I agree, Tetris, miner, pacman rule but we now call them casual games so are they really for this category (and did hardware really count?)

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