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Germans pick Xeon over Power for three-petaflops super


Bull : not one but two!

There is apparently a confusion between Tera 100 and CURIE. These are two different petaflopic supercompters designed and built by Bull.

Tera 100 features 140 00 Intel Xeon "Nehalem EX" processors and delivers a peak performance of 1.25 pflops, and a linpack performance of 1.05. It's today operational and used for rechearch in Defense / nuclear applications.

CURIE has a peak performance of 1.6 pflops. It will features 90 000 cores of Sand Bridge Xeon processors. It will operational in 2011 and used for civil research in the framework of PRACE consortium.


US to fork $5bn+ into exascale supers


not so hilarious

Timothy, the so-called hilarious Bull company has already designed and produced 2 petaflops-systems, one is today operational and the other will be it on end 2011. Moreover, Bull is working on future exascale systems with partners such as Intel. Open your eyes: there're still good players in Europe!



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