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Using WhatsApp for your business comms? It's either that or reinstall Lotus Notes


Re: Troos?

Naw, it's definitely trews, as in "tartan trews", the traditional wedding outfit of those not brave enough to wear a kilt.

It's the end of 2018, and this is your year in security


Re: Looking into Windows

I think he's actually blaming Microsoft.

You remember - the people that own LinkedIn?

If Shadow Home Sec Diane Abbott can be reeled in by phishers, truly no one is safe


Re: I doubt she'll ever be Home Secretary, but...

Free education - 1871 (at least here in Scotland)

State pension - 1908

First Labour (minority) government - 1924

NHS - 1948

I suppose one out of three isn't bad. Same grasp of numbers as Ms Abbott...

London flatmate (Julian Assange) sues landlord (government of Ecuador) in human rights spat


Re: arrogance

No, I think you'll actually find it is "tossed out to the kerb".

On the seventh anniversary of Steve Jobs' death, we give you 7 times he served humanity and acted as an example to others


Re: It's not April 1st, is it?

I didn't see any satire.

Lots of sarcasm, though.

HP Ink should cough up $1.5m for bricking printers using unofficial cartridges – lawsuit


Re: HP Instant Ink?

Brother also have very good Linux drivers, which also run the scanners on their MFCs. They work very well with inkjet, laser and label printers.

The only problem is that their label editing software only works under Windows, not even under Wine.

Male escort says he gave up IT to do something more meaningful


Re: "I get to make a genuine difference to people's lives"

That's why I gave up working as a UNIX sysadmin - the only measure of success was a lack of complaints.

BOFH: Resistance is futile - we're missing BEER O'CLOCK

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Re: I beg to differ!


Or even...


Rubbish broadband drives Scottish people out of the Highlands


Re: Opinion?

No, he's right, it is an SNP mouthpiece, albeit an independent one.

And they've banned me just for stating some actual, verifiable facts that deviated from the SNP party line.


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Re: Could it be ..


IT mercenaries and buy-to-let landlords are my HEROES - here's why


Re: Yes, but...


You're right. I'm still annoyed. Especially when the CT on my rented flat in Manchester was more than on my 5-bedroom house in Lanarkshire.


Yes, but...

Those of us who do move around the country also have privately owned houses, so presumably it is not the rate of home ownership, but the availability of accessible remote accommodation that is important.

One real annoyance for peripatetic home owners such as myself is Council Tax. I have to pay 100% of my home CT. Living in a rented flat as a single person I should get 50% discount for single occupancy. BUT the flat is counted as a second home so only qualifies for 10% discount.

Therefore, as a flexible worker I have to pay 190% of CT.

First ‘three strikes’ decision handed down in NZ


Re: Three Strikes...

I prefer Perrey and Kingsley's version.

Lotus 1-2-3 turns 30: Mitch Kapor on the Google before Google

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Re: Lotus Improv?

Improv was great, just too much of a paradigm shift for most people to cope with.

The very idea of a spreadsheet that started with just one cell put off a lot of people I know, but it was the best financial modelling tool I ever used.

Reg, how about a series about plucky failures to run alongside these reminisences?

BT broadband goes TITSUP - cripples Scots, Geordies, Northern Irish

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Re: "Whatever happened about the Internet routing around damage?"

Thanks for that.

And I'm definitely going to find a way to use the word "connectivinty ".


We were off

We were off from about 9:30 to 11:30 but it's working again now in South Lanarkshire.

This follows another outage on 14th November that took out much of Central Scotland because of a fault in an exchange at Irvine.

Whatever happened about the Internet routing around damage?

A history of personal computing in 20 objects part 2


Re: Osborne...

Wrote my Master's thesis on one of those - I think it was the first word processed one the department had seen.

Then I wrote a bookkeeping system in Mbasic that ran for 11 years without error.

Brilliant machine. I tripped over it a couple of weeks ago in the loft...

Amazon quietly un-wipes remotely wiped Kindle


Re: Restored?

Norway isn't in the EU.

Guardian's Robin Hood plan: Steal from everyone to give to us


Re: Uh... NO!

No you don't, as long as you don't watch or record live transmissions.

Viewing recorded material is free from any licensing.

BT broadband packs up again - second big outage in a fortnight


Re: 12 sites down

That was why I left them a month ago after 15 years(!). What made it worse was that their tech support told me that the data slurping was due to TV downloads when in fact we had a mail client continually refreshing its database.

With Plusnet now. Dumped BT at the same time. An easy change over, and the broadband is seven times faster.

Seattle superhero arrested for assault


These comments are just a sine that some people have too much spare time.

Belgian buccaneers invade Rockall


No, that's Gruinard you are thinking of.

And it was decontaminated about 20 years ago.

Four illegal ways to sort out the Euro finance crisis


@Mark 65 et al

Before we get too hung up about the philanthopists in the SE of England keeping the rest of us alive, let's not forget that public spending in London far outstrips anything in any other part of the UK, and that much of the earnings ascribed to London are due the location of companies' head offices, not where the money is actually made.

BT fibre-to-the-premises trial takes 7 hours per install


By "engineer"

I take it you really mean "installation technician"?

Inventor of the Workmate dies


British engineering turns down another notch

One of my engineering heroes although, like Dyson, he wasn't really an engineer.

I have one of his Elans. It brings a smile to my face at any time of year and can still thrash most hot coupes round bendy bits.

Liverpool forward faces possible grilling over 'joke' Twitter pic


Oh Grow Up!!

It's just a game, for goodness' sake.

Mind your own: Scotland unveils privacy principles


You beat me to it

Girfec (Getting It Right For Every Child) is especially worthy of some close scrutiny, as it instills the attitude early on that intrusive questioning is a norm.

Steelie Neelie calls for 'every vehicle digital'

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How's this going to be fitted to my 1969 Lotus, then?

In a pile-up of several cars, is the driver of the one car not fitted with this gubbins going to be the obvious culprit until proved otherwise?

Google boss: 'Creeped out by Street View? Just move'

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"We drive exactly once" - Really?

Depending on which angle you view my house from the pictures were taken on at least three occasions, several months apart.

Does he really not know what his company is doing?

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