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Disk drive prices swell 5% every DAY in floods aftermath


I find it funny how one of our local shop put the price of hard drives up the same day the news came out about the floods, How the hell can you charge twice as much for something you already had in stick and got for a cheaper price that it would cost at the moment, No wounder this world is so fked up..

Txt tax would wipe out half UK deficit, claims union baron


TxT tax

So the Railway union boss Bob Crow wants to tax text at 1p hmm i have a better idea, why don't he cut rail travel by 1p per ticket and give that money to the goverment.

Facebook comes down hard on Faceporn



I want facebook and all its assets for using a part of my body in its name (face) these companys neeed to F off, all they care about in money. Wouldent use facebook even if they payed me either usless fkers.

Two-year wait for Windows 8, MS blurts

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2 years to soon

2 years for a new os is to soon, I don't want to have to pay again to upgrade when windows 7 kicks ass

been using win7 since it came out and i still cant fault it personly.

No doubt we will have to pay £60 or more to upgrade to win8 and its not on.

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