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How to stop Apple and Google's great web lockdown


HTML5 + JavaScript is cool but not an easy solution to manage

I love the idea. But being thrust in to a web project after coming from the compiled language world, I can tell you that most developers will never LOVE javascript. I use it where it makes sense to get stuff done on our website, but I hate every minute of it. I can not tell you how many hours I have spent over the last year trying to find a typo or other silly syntatical mistake somewhere in the thousands of lines of code a page has. Something that in the compiled world I am used to is a non-issue. Did I mention javascript in IE =/= javscript in Firefox =/= javascript in Chrome? Javascript is really a pain as far as I see it. A necessary thing to use in many cases but certainly not a joy to develop with. I do love HTML5 and what it will bring. But I would never move a non-web project to HTML5 + Javascript unless I was forced to. After spending a year on a web project and about 80% done, in a few weeks I am going to rewrite the entire client-side in C# because I have no "browser-based" requirement, and I want to make that last 20% less painful than the first 80%.



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