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Shuttle XPC SN27P2 small form-factor PC


a Shuttle SFF Computer, Don't Do It, it's Junk!

Even though this Shuttle barebone can hold 3 hard drives doesn't mean it will be stable. Expect that it will not be stable [overheat] and you'll have to call Shuttle Tech support who make $9 an hour, the same as a Starbucks worker. Shuttle Tech will tell you to use 2 drives at most and NO RAID! Configuring any Shuttle computer in RAID will VOID the warranty. Why? Because Shuttle knows it won't be stable in RAID and will crash.

To the poster refering to a CPU driver. What he/she meant is with some Shuttle's that support dual-core CPU's, users had to 1st install a single core CPU [hopefully you have one to use] and flash the BIOS before installing the dual-core CPU. Their SFF's are junk. Get the Mini Mac or an iMac, or a Dell or HP SFF.



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