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Hey, is that CSI: Hackers on TV? Oh, it's Microsoft's Cybercrime Center


This figures...

Ahhhh.....So this is where they keep on calling me from, offering help over the phone.....

Furious Frenchies tell Apple to bubble off: Bling iPhone isn't 'champagne'


Too right too!

I wouldn't want to de-value my product either by allowing some orchard company try to compare their product to the wonderful liquid refreshment that champagne is! 400 years on, champagne is still champagne ... try running a fruity batphone after 4 years (if the battery powers it up) and see how well it compares...

Australians like the NBN: poll


How to skew a poll

Funny thing the NBN support: after the useless government commits to blowing $45billion we don't have, then in order to "show" support for this doomed, overpriced project they run to their safe labor seats and conduct a poll. Interestingly enough, I have only come accross 2 people that said the NBN is a great thing (out of possibly 30-35 people I've talked to about this).

El Reg in email address blunder


Thank you

just saw an article in the last couple of days: a certified email addy was worth between $1-$20

thanks a bunch for making easier for some bastard go to the dark side!!!

One per cent of world's web browsing happens on iPad


I believe it

it's probably true - that's because the appletards need to keep surfing to non flash sites, so they have to browse even more than anyone else, till they find the jobsian non-flash utopian world

Germany’s rights-holders hit freetards hard



or do they mean that since they started this, those same peeps have found better methods of circumventing the logs, thus showing a "decline"?

Brit expats aghast as Denmark bans Marmite


Marmite replacement

Axle grease or Vegemite should do the trick - they all taste the same

Reg reader lost for words over blank HP keyboard


Secure, PGP enhanced!!!!

This keyboard's perfect for all those security based tasks...PGP enhanced - I want one....

If the operator can't make out the keys, then imagine the jumble a keylogger will get at the other end. I'm sure the average BOFH would love to deploy these in the enterprise


Bin Laden corpse pics will be malware, says FBI



Surely, someone can leak this to WikiLeaks and start a whole new chapter....?!?

Microsoft reveals WinPhone 7 'Mango' details



Hopefully, the next release of W7 phones will be MUCH, MUCH better....

I have a HTC HD7 (and it's now sitting in a draw), and it's the worst phone I've had in a long time...HTC has taken a great bit of kit and killed it with W7 (I wish I could buy anothe HTC HD2 with Win 6.5)...so it's back to the HTC Desire HD for me

Dell takes aim at Apple with upmarket pledge


Give it a shot DELL!

Bring it on Dell...I've had enough of the iCr@p being forced on the st00pid fruity followers, then they try to preach to everyone the rubbish that's being pushed on them


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