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Our Reg reader 'mutt's nuts' dictionary is le chien's biens


Way down under

In Maori, it would translate literally to "nga raho o te kuri" or "nga paoro o te kuri", depending on if you prefer testicles (raho) or balls (paoro).

You'd be more likely to describe something as "tu meke" though, which means awesome, cool, or "sweet as, bro".

LOHAN slips into tight rubber outfit

Paris Hilton

Aluminium pole?

Apart from the relative flimsiness of aluminium for a stripper pole, you're going to get some nasty grey smudges all up their thighs. Chromed stainless steel would be the preferred medium.

Man's car warns of AIR RAID OVER LONDON


Chiswick! Fresh horses!!

Kiwis collar Megaupload kingpin, Anonymous exacts revenge


Have a chat with the landlord, I think the current tenant may be moving to smaller accommodations.

Apple one-day-only sale plans for Macs, iPads leaked to web



Its not much of a leak, considering Apple emailed me about it two days ago!

"Apple News_AUS_NZ@insideapple.apple.com to me

show details Nov 22 (2 days ago)

Mark your calendar. This Friday, 25 November is the special Apple one-day shopping event. Shop online to receive special pricing and free shipping all day."

Groupon offer burns cupcake baker’s profits


Brand burners

I see #qantasluxury is trying hard to make a place in the textbooks as an example of an ill-planned and badly-timed social media campaign on Twitter.

Apple 'prepping smaller iPad'


What Steve said

What Steve actually said was "7 inch tablet? Over my dead body!"

The Register and Australia-New Zealand


12 months already?

"So last autumn we decided we'd repay some of that by setting up a small Sydney-based sales and editorial operation, and by delivering a measure of localisation to our readers in Australia and New Zealand."

While you're busy localising and geolocating, you might also notice that up here down-under, its the first day of Autumn today...

Vatican confirms Simpsons as Catholics


Accuracy? What's that then?

The Simpson family are, as noted above, Protestants. Additionally, Krusty the Clown (in addition to being spelt with a 'K') is Jewish.

A more accurate headline would be "Vatican approves Simpsons as model family" - see, just as rabble rousing, but not a flat out lie.

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