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Germany pushes router security rules, OpenWRT and CCC push back

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Re: "I wouldn't recommend Mikrotik kit to Joe Average"

@DJV - To be fair to Mikrotik, that vulnerability was patched months ago. I updated my router no problem, and I can't really feel that we can lay blame at Mikrotik's feet if their customers don't click the Update button.

To others, yes it's a complex router and you have to put the effort in to secure it. It's only a couple of rules, but it would be nice if there were security levels on the ports so that traffic would automatically flow "down" or "across", but not "up". So long as there's no fundamental flaw, like they'll show my browsing history to my mum or something...

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Re: Giving the vendors a choice will give the users a choice

Friends don't let friends buy Mikrotik

Any good reason? I set up a Mikrotik and I'm really pleased with it. If I shouldn't be, I'd like to know...

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Re: Both sides

Because if you're going to have a seal of approval saying "this is secure", then it had better be secure and supported. If you have revisions later then you end up with secure 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and the consumer will just be confused. Look at how confusing it is on HDMI at the moment.

Get it as right as you reasonably can first time. Then you'll last a lot longer before having to tweak it (and cause inevitable confusion).

Finally a platform for train puns: IBM Halt station derailed

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A list of stations with fewer passengers

Am I the only one who looked through that with The KLF's It's Grim Up North running in my head?

Holy moley! The amp, kelvin and kilogram will never be the same again

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Re: SI

You think England is bad, you should come to Norway.

Was going to say Scotland, but you win!

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Re: Ship's keel.

I propose we build the Ships Keel out of Sodium.


Bright spark dev irons out light interference

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Kitchen knives

Also, sweeping chopped food from the chopping board into the pan using the sharpened edge of the blade instead of the back...

A new Raspberry Pi takes a bow with all of the speed but less of the RAM

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People thought they were getting a 486-alike when the reality was was more similar to that 386SX.

I thought the 486DLC/SLC were significantly faster than the 80386DX/SX - they had a cache that the 386 was missing. But since the 80486SX was about 4x the speed (from memory) of the 80386DX, the DLC/SLC fell way short. Anyway, I think we can agree that the 386 upgrades were a bit pish.

A mate of mine had a 486DLC/25 and it was a bit cack! :)

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Re: I swerved the PoE hat @defiler


Yeah, you're absolutely right on both counts, but 3x the clock speed! :)

You're also right that I can't think of a better use for the B just now, because Kodi works much better on the B2 and B3s I have.

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The 486 DX was great, it was the SX that was shit.

The SX was just the DX without the floating-point unit. Most software didn't use it at the time, so most people would never have noticed the difference.

I'll accept that the initial SXs were just DXs that had failed the FPU tests - that doesn't inspire confidence in their longevity. Then they started disabling the FPU in DXs and selling them cheaper, but finally they had a die with on FPU for the SX chips.

Wasn't an awful idea.

Maybe you're thinking of the 386DX vs 386SX, where the DX had a 32-bit external bus and the SX was only 16-bits so it took two turns to load a word. Again, though, most software was 16-bit DOS at the time. Would that have been a worry? (I honestly don't know if it would have slowed down 16-bit code signiifcantly.) When it came to the Cyrix 486DLC vs SLC, though, there was a noticeable difference.

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I swerved the PoE hat

Got myself a couple of these instead:


They're slung behind tellies so that Kodi works. Plenty of space to hide them there and no moving parts. And plenty cheap too. No more little lightning bolt in the corner from using wall sockets with USB built in.

The A+ might not be a bad idea for my lad. He tools around on RiscOS with the drawing programs and BASIC. Bit more poke, no need for LAN, no need for RAM. It's an original B that's set up there just now.

Another Meltdown, Spectre security scare: Data-leaking holes riddle Intel, AMD, Arm chips

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Waiting for bug-free CPUs?

For all those who vehemently deny that they'll ever buy a CPU until they're entirely secure and bug-free, best add this (and all derivatives) onto the pile.

Clue - they'll never actually be bug-free. It's not a perfect world, but it's the one we live in.

Oi, Elon: You Musk sort out your Autopilot! Tesla loyalists tell of code crashes, near-misses

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Re: Whisper it…

"c) they have a range of >400 miles in extreme weather conditions with the air conditioning or heating on."

D) they can tow a caravan a decent distance.

Bob, John - these are (once again) fringe cases.

For every driver that does these things, I could show you 50 that never does and never has. Maybe an electric car could never be practical for you, because maybe you're on one end or the other of the bell curve. But for the vast majority of people, there's an electric car being manufactured today that would be practical for them at the right price. With one caveat - can they charge it at home?

I was in Sidcup earlier in the year (commuter town on the edge of London, for those who don't know), and the cars were parked all along the pavement (sidewalk). Most houses didn't appear to have a driveway. That's an issue if you need to charge an electric car. If they can charge it at work / at the station / at the shops then that problem is greatly diminished, but it's still the biggest negative that I've seen for the vastly overwhelming majority of people in this country.

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Re: Whisper it…

You're right. That's that out of the way! :)

What Tesla has done, though, is make electric cars acceptable. Every time the established manufacturers have tried to make one they've been unmitigated shit (G-Wiz). Or they've been leased and then snatched back when everyone liked them (EV-1).

The customers didn't want electric cars because the manufacturers said they couldn't be cool.

"Hold my beer" - Tesla Roadster

The customers didn't want electric cars because the manufacturers said they couldn't be comfy.

"Hold my beer" - Tesla Model S

The customers didn't want electric cars because the manufacturers said they couldn't have a long range.

"Hold my <burp> beer" - 400 miles

The customers didn't want electric cars because the manufacturers said they couldn't be fast.

"Hold my bu... Hang on - Beer. Yeah." - Ludicrous Speed

Sure, some of these are trinkets, but it's attacking peoples' concerns head-on. Model X is a bit of a pig, in my opinion, and they overcomplicated the doors. That said, the pop-out door handles on the S were done better by Aston Martin - just a pivot. But beyond that, Tesla have shown that an electric car *can* be as good as a petrol car.

Sure there are fringe cases where people need to cover 800 miles a day. There are people who work away from roads, away from charging points, and who really need a Land Rover to get around. But the thing that Tesla have done is show that these are the edges of the bell-curve now.

They've burned through a lot of money doing it, and I don't know if that's sustainable, but at the very least they've given the existing car manufacturers a big wake-up. Now there are electric cars parked in my street. Without Tesla I sincerely doubt I'd see that. I wish them luck. But I still wouldn't want to trust their Autopilot to drive me around.

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Re: Say what you like about Teslas

I'll second that. Yesterday I was actually surprised to get home, and in one piece...

Google swallows up DeepMind Health and abolishes 'independent board'

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Re: It's already there

Where do you think most of the UK central government email system lives?

Office 365 every time I have to go scouring SMTP sessions...

Ethernet patent inventor given permission to question validity of his own patent

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Re: So why was it granted in the first place?

Battistelli was replaced in July

The system works!

Two fool for school: Headmaster, vice principal busted for mining crypto-coins in dorms, classrooms

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Heh. I used to run SETI@Home on the office desktops. Not the servers, though. It was nip and tuck between me and the guy who had installed it all over Richer Sounds.

At least we were trying to do something productive. Crypto coins? Pfft.

Windows XP? Pfff! Parts of the Royal Navy are running Win ME

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Re: One Benefit

I'll fetch my (boxed) Warp installation CDs :D

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I don't know for sure, but expect, that there was some way to transform the key and see if it belonged to the group of allowable keys for that product.

Back in the day it used to be a 3-digit country code followed by 7 digits which just had to add up to a multiple of 7. 040 was the UK country code.

My understanding is that a shop in Edinburgh got hauled through the courts by Microsoft for selling hooky Windows on their machines. Turns out they were including valid licenses, but just entering 1111111 (or something) during installation. Still had to pay a fine for license violation.

Ah - them were the days... Then Windows 2000 came along with proper keys.

Townsfolk left deeply unsatisfied by Bury St Edmunds' 'twig' of a Christmas tree

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Given the Christmas angle

I'm surprised by the lack of Noel...

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Re: Christmas Experience for their retail tenants?

Tennants Xmas retail experience?

That's Tennents. It's also from Glasgow, so I'm duty-bound to hate it in lieu of Deuchars, which they at least still brew in Edinburgh (although I believe most is from Tadcaster these days).

Third Soyuz does not explode while auditors resume poking around NASA's big rocket SLS

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Re: three or four launches enough to assemble the ISS

Flat-pack it - sorted. I bet Ikea will have a Røcketstüff pack sorted out in time. Best strap the Allen key to your wrist or something though.

Can your rival fix it as fast? turns out to be ten-million-dollar question for plucky support guy

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Re: Not just assembly.

no machine-level instructions to add a constant to a location

Strangely enough, ARM assembly can be a bit weird when working with constants. Because it's a 32-bit instruction (including operands), the first few bits are the instruction, then a flag on whether to set status registers, then 4 bits for a register (at least), and then you end up with something like an 8-bit value and a rotation factor.

So you can specify 255. You can shift that by (say) 8 bits and have 65280. But you can't have 65281 because the "active" bits are more than 8 wide. At that point you have to load it from a memory location, or load 65280 and add 1, or any number of kludges.

It's been a little while, so I'm a bit hazy on all this nowadays, but that confused the hell out of me until I dug into the reasons behind it.

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Re: I'm just going to say...

do you put the beans in the roll

You use espresso in the dough instead of water. Yeast only takes 30 seconds then.

Also, thanks to whomever for the downvotes for me bitching about my fortnight. That fixed everything right up, so piss off, and I hope you get the same torrent of shit I've had to deal with. Chin-chin!

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I'm just going to say...

Thank fuck it's Friday. It's been a shit of a week. It's been a shit of a fortnight. And next week I need to start shouting down suppliers who clearly aren't as effective as Ben because they just like to make excuses when they fuck us up.

Coffee and bacon roll just now. Beer and curry later, dammit!

NAND so it begins: Micron mounts head-on attack against 10K disks

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Re: Enterprise? SATA??

This, 100%. But they don't want to cut into their Enterprise SAS profits, I expect.

If they were SAS and competitive with the 10k drives in our SANs, I'd be filling out an order this week...

Mything the point: The AI renaissance is simply expensive hardware and PR thrown at an old idea

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No great surprise. If you were to shunt my neural weightings into a different brain I don't think I'd be so lucid. Frustratingly, I don't imagine I'd even manage to just be rude either...

Nikola Tesla's greatest challenge: He could measure electricity but not stupidity

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Yorkshire has its own currency?

Yep - it's the Muckle. It's worth 100 Mickles.

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Re: Noted scientists


Alt-0163 = £

(Worked in a financial adviser, and had a US-Dvorak keyboard)

Roscosmos: An assembly error doomed our Soyuz, but we promise it won't happen again

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Re: Fingers crossed

Yeah - that's always nice to watch. Even in KSP :D

US government charges two Chinese spies over jet engine blueprint theft

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Because they don't have the special Torx drivers with the holes in the tips to undo the security bolts.

Boffins have fabricated microscopic sci-fi tractor beams for real

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Re: Maybe I'm misremembering, but...

Yes, but in space, no one can hear your beam.

Goodnight Kepler! NASA scientists lay the exoplanet expert to rest as it runs out of fuel

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Shame. It did well. Very well.

Here's to the next one.

Woman who hooked up with over 15 spectres has found her forever phantom after whirlwind romance and plane sex

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I'd like to claim child support for my brood of spirit-children. Yes, they're right in front of you. No, you might not be able to see them, but they're totally there and need money for shoes and lunches.

We'll not be buying the school photo this year. They always turn out crap.

(No, I don't know if it's the DHSS any more - I tend to deal with the rather more expensive (to me) end of the Treasury...)

BlackBerry KEY2 LE: The first budget Android QWERTY for years

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Re: Close but no cigar

Apparently a downvote from the guy who's never tried a Dvorak keyboard...

I'm using one right now. Took two days to get used to, and my aching wrists stopped. Although, to be fair, it's pretty pointless on a phone. :)

One down, two to go. Russia inches closer to putting a crew on Soyuz while celebrating 50 years since the first Return To Flight

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Re: Zhuque 1

The "safe" version of bomb-in-a-tube.

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Re: Zhuque 1


Well, my! I had no idea.

Still, restarting the motor would need some kind of ignition mechanism (as would second and third stages), or mixing hypergolic powders in the chamber, which pretty-much torpedoes the "simple" aspect of solids...

Best left to people who know what they're doing, or have enough space to blow thing up in...

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Zhuque 1

Am I missing something or are solid rockets not just like fireworks? You light them, try to keep them going in the right direction, and they'll fizzle out in their own time. No throttle, no abort.

Putting three of them together seems a bit hit-and-hope for putting something into a planned orbit, no? Still, I am not a rocket scientist / engineer...

Assange catgate hearing halted as Ecuador hunts around for someone who speaks Australian

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Re: Downvoted ..

"snatch team"

Very good. I see what you did there.

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Re: Sympathy

...For The Devil?

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I speak Australian, it's definitely missing a "ya cant" off the end of it.

No you don't. I can tell because it's pronounced "Strayan", unless you're doing that for our benefit.

Californian chap sets his folks' home on fire by successfully taking out spiders with blowtorch

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Poisonous vs Venomous

Thank you for getting that right. That's all.

The best way to screw the competition? Do what they can't, in a fraction of the time

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8hrs vs 5mins

I once had the MD site me down for a chat, whereby he pointed out that an incoming support call could be routed to:

1) Steve - a call-out, a couple of hours onsite, come back and speak to Dave, back onsite for an hour and get the job fixed. All chargeable.

2) Dave - a call-out, about an hour to an hour and a half onsite, get the job fixed. Happy customer, all chargeable.

3) Me - fixed in ten minutes over the phone. Delighted customer, and bugger all to bill.

I can't say I had an answer for him. I have, however, gone onsite, fixed the problem and got back before my tea got cold. I can't help but feel I maybe had a hand in that company going bankrupt.

Congrats from 123-Reg! You can now pay us an extra £6 or £12 a year for basically nothing

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Re: Leave 123-Reg

"Its okay as we have secure telephone lines"

Good for you. I don't...

Euro eggheads call it: Facebook political ads do change voters' minds – and they worked rather well for Trump in 2016

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Re: or....

what small recoveries our country has made in 2 years

I'm honestly curious as to what progress DJT has made to 'undo the rot' or whatever you might describe it as in the past two years. Can you give examples?

Seriously, I'm in the UK so I don't see much of USA domestic politics. From an international standpoint, Trump appears to be a dangerous toddler amongst dangerous toddlers, but I really don't know what difference he's made at home.

It's Two Spacecraft, One Mission as BepiColombo gets ready to launch

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Re: Remember the mystery goo container

I've been trying to do docking in orbit, and damn that is hard.

Eventually it's worth just installing MechJeb.

Roughly 30 years after its birth at UK's Acorn Computers, RISC OS 5 is going open source

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Re: Good luck

Boo! Down with this sort of thing!

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Re: Sadly

Hah - ChangeFSI. I'd forgotten about that. The docs explained how Floyd-Steinberg error diffusion worked, and I used that to write a program to print .PPM files in colour, requesting the closest colour from the printer driver, setting that as the PLOT colour, drawing a pixel to the page, and smearing the difference around the surrounding pixels.

Was slow as hell, but it did a *lot* of OS calls from BASIC. Maybe this is why I pull apart everyone's graphics these days.

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Re: What I grew up with...

I also remember 4th D. As I recall, they did E-Type, Saloon Cars, Holed Out, Chocks Away, and Apocalypse(?), amongst others.

Ah - them were the days. All innocent and full of unicorns, before DooM came and ruined us all.

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