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Mother charged with selling fake Facebook stock

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Christmas present?

What tightass give fake stock to her daughter for Christmas? I'm sure she'd much prefer some of the real weed that was being grown...

Gun controlled lamp hits the spotlight

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Saved me a job

I was going to have to write something similar, but you beat me to it. I don't shoot or own a gun, but in the past I have been taught good gun discipline, and it's amazing how hard it is for some people to pick it up.

At the end of the day, the lamp is only a toy, but I don't think that justifies all the downvotes for a guy who uses real guns as a hobby in a country where it's permitted (and appears to be doing so very responsibly).

System Shock

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Fantastic game

Beta Grove put the shitters up me, and Edward Diego's reappearance at the end was magnificent. I suggested calling my son Edward Diego, but was overruled (probably just as well).

They offered me a job at Trioptimum. It never occurred to me to accept. Old habits die hard.

Keep the fries salted!

Ten exabytes wedged into a rather large box by Cleversafe

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You'd want dedupe.

But at the same time I wouldn't choose to bet against you. :-/

Telly makers aim to put OLED in your lounge in 2012

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Ditched their plasmas?

My plasma is 10 years old this year, and going like a trooper. Great colours, great blacks, so ghosts. It's only SD and has no HDMI which is a bugger, and I paid through the nose so you guys can get cheap-as-chips screens today, but I don't grudge it anything by now.

Happy Birthday, TH37PW4B! They grow up so fast...

UK.gov marches on with solar 'leccy cash slash by spring

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@Peter - Sort of but not entirely.

Go back 15 months or so, and the FiT was 41.3p/kWh. A 4kWp system was about £16000-£18000. That gave a payback in 15-18 years which was nice, because anything after that was your bonus for being an early adopter and helping to kick-start the govertment's chosen renewables industries.

Now you can put 4kWp on your roof for £8000-£9000. So the FiT has dropped to 21p - that's actually a good number for it to be at. It keeps the payback at a similar rate to what it was before, and you still get a (smaller) bonus at the end for being a not-so-early adopter.

I've spoken to installers who've said that the 21p is not a terrible rate (though generally 25p is regarded as more sensible), but it's the suddenness with which this bomb was dropped that's the problem. If the rate had dropped in April 2011 by 5p (instead of going up by 2p), then again by 5p in October 2011, and then again in April 2012 by 5p it would have been down to 26.3p/kWh, would have saved a big pile of billpayers' cash, would still have given an excellent ROI, and would have not been a kick in the balls for the honest businessmen who're trying to make this their career. (No, I don't include double-glazing salesmen; I had a price from SafeSeal for an installation, and I felt they were taking the piss charging double what I could find from a specialist installer.)

The legal argument is that the rate was changed before the consultation period was over. That's where the government has caused itself problems. If they'd had the rate change scheduled for a week later they'd have kicked the installers just as hard, but because the consultation was over there's nothing that could have been done. (Or very little, at least.)

Nope, I'm not in the PV industry, I've just chatted to a few people who are. And most of them are honest people just trying to provide the best service they can.

Ten... boomboxes

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That was pretty funny

I'll probably have a proper listen later when I have headphones and no 2-year-olds climbing on me...

American search team fails to find women's G-spot

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WTF is... 802.11ac?

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@AC 09:52 - issues with my plan

Well, it-slayer covered most of the cost aspect. As a retro-fit it's a pain in the ass, but it's easy whilst building.

Where to put sockets? When the houses are designed, they have people design the room layouts and plan on where to put power sockets and aerial sockets. It'd be figured out then.

Not saying you wouldn't need wireless, but that you would want wired for many appliances.

I remember thin-ethernet, Cat3 etc. But any cable I've been involved with installing in the past 10 years has been Cat5e / Cat6. They're all good for 10Mb/sec to 1000Mb/sec and beyond. That's the cable spec that the IEEE work to.

Many people won't care, but you're suggesting that only 25 homes in the UK would use it? Exaggeration, I suspect. As more devices become connected, it'll become far more convenient and reliable to just plug them in rather than rely on wireless. Especially for devices that may be so cheap that they can't warrant a wireless card, or those that need a lot of bandwidth or low latency.

Cost? Peanuts in a new-build.

As for Charles, I did specifically mention rented accommodation. That's a bugger. And I know that most housing stock in the UK is not new-builds. But unless the cabling goes into the new-builds it won't be there when the houses are re-sold. As I said, wireless is a good fallback, when you can't sling a cable in or when it'd be inconvenient. But it seems to be being adopted as the default position. I've yet to need/want more than 802.11g at home because the high-speed stuff is wired.

I'm not picking on the new spec (other than that it'll take bloody ages to get released). It's very clever, and progress is generally a good thing. I'm taking a shot at the housebuilders who have the opportunity to get us all hooked up from the start, but won't take it. That said, looking at the new-builds near me they can't even build the bloody roofs properly, so maybe that would be a better priority...

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Gotta love copper

I had a bit of a diatribe written about wireless networking and how every time I think the new standard could finally rid me of copper at home, yet by the time it's available my needs have moved beyond it. I deleted it because it was a bit rambling, and I have a better point to raise.

Why do so few new houses these days come with data cabling? Seriously, it's a wired world. 802.11 is all very convenient, but for throughput and reliability you can't beat a bit of copper wire. TVs are coming with ethernet ports, surround-sound receivers are coming with them, as are telephones, DVD/BD players, games consoles, network video players (well, duh...), printers, music players, you name it. Sure, some of them come wireless too, but for streaming data (for video in particular, but also games or software updates) a wired connection is just better.

It wouldn't add much to the cost of a new house, and it would be a value-added differentiator in the market. As would under-floor heating and solar water-heating panels.

Anyway, 802.11ac - all jolly clever and a good fallback for when there's no cable. But why the hell is there never any cable? And my sympathies to the folks in rented accommodation who have *no* chance of running cables...

Nuke support in UK hits record high

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+1 on that

The cheapest kWh is the one you don't have to generate. We've come a long way on energy efficiency over the years, with better insulation and low-power appliances. Of course, there's a limit to that too. Have a look at the difference in purchase cost vs running cost between an A-rated fridge-freezer and an A+++ rated one...

That's the point where you need more generation.

(Also bear in mind that in environments that need air-conditioning, solar is often a savvy option, because it generates at the time you're more likely to need that power. It's a fringe case, yes, but I'm just pointing out that solar/wind are not completely dead ducks.)

Wikipedia to shut down Wednesday in SOPA protest

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Where will I get my Father Ted episode guides now? :(

Angry Brides lob stilettos in dowry shakedown takedown

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I didn't get a dowry

Now even a goat. Now I have to cut my own bloody grass.

Apple Beijing store egged in botched iPhone 4S launch

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Eggs halt iPhone 4S

Is this why it took 4 weeks to get my boss' 64GB 4S delivered? Should I not have posted that egg sandwich off with the order?

Hubble shows images from record-breaking 13.1 billion light-years

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I think it's Return of the Jedi, when C3PO is playing god with the Ewoks. But yes, it's been so long that I'm a bit hazy myself...

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Toronto? Gosh!

That is all.

Doomsday Clock ticks one minute closer to annihilation

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Setting the Doomsday Clock

I'm sitting here imagining a bunch of Dr Strangelove-style half-lunatics in white coats wrestling with each other over the minute hand of a giant clock (not unlike the one on Countdown). I really hope I'm wrong and they all have "proper" jobs to go to as well...

Samsung shows 55in OLED über-TV

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Camera? Bloody hell.

In Soviet Russia, TV watches *you*...

How long before someone manages to hack a live video feed out of it. Excuse me while I adorn the front of my astonishingly expensive (and achingly pretty) OLED telly with gaffer tape. Bah.

Smart meter SSL screw-up exposes punters' TV habits

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Billing customers

I guess they'll bill the customers every 2 seconds as well. But you'll get about £1800 off per month if you opt out of paper billing...

Okay - I'll get back to work.

OCZ wheels out lower octane SSD for Sunday drives

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Wow - 3 thumbs down?

I'm guessing my point was completely missed. Stop and think about product names. And how many of them are actually pretty stupid. iPod was the first that sprung to my mind. Hoover would be an equally good one. Pepsi. Whopper. Walkman. None of them are exactly inspiring names, but because they've become household brands we accept them.

Never judge a product on its name. Unless it's "Crapmobile" of course.

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Ridiculous Name?

Just like iPod, and you can see how that bombed in the market...

Strictly Come Dancing in 3D: the facts

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Oh Brave New World...

Heralded by Strictly Come Dancing. What a fucking disgrace.

I'll probably sit watching Christmas movies. Die Hard, anyone?

Apple stores getting close to overload

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And yet there's one in Aberdeen

(No offence to residents of the granite city.)

I guess the implication is that we should be delighted by the hike through to Glasgow. That said, there's a reseller in Edinburgh (can't remember who it is), and on the couple of occasions I've been in there the staff have been excellently friendly, courteous and knowledgeable (and I think they outnumbered the customers).

There used to be an Apple store in Edinburgh, on Hollyrood Road. That's going back to the mid-90s though (from my recollection) while Apple were busy trying to flush themselves down the toilet. Maybe it was a particularly poor site and they don't reckon there's a market. That said, they weren't very good. I remember being demoed the top of the range Mac Quadra and the top of the range Laserwriter GX(?), and it took 10 minutes to put out a page. Embarrassing for us all...

Iran displays video footage of captured US spy drone

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Iranians are Persian, not Arab. Might as well call you Mexican, eh?

Seriously, if you're busy itching to bomb someone back into the stone age you could at least find out who they are first...

Fuel taxes don't hurt the world's poor - they don't have cars

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Poor people to align their interests with rich people?

You've never had to deal with rich people, have you? Their interest tends to be themselves - that's why they're rich. For poor people to align their interests with the rich people means serfdom. Or Cristal and foie gras.

Not really the champion of the working man there...

The BBC Micro turns 30

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Damn you!

That tune's in my head now. Grrr! <shakes fist>

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And it could play Crysis - so there! :P

Toyota unveils 'smartphone on four wheels'

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How long before it's wearing a porno skin?

Biology miss punts homemade smut to pupils

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Biology teacher?

Well, if she wasn't before, she certainly is now! Nothing quite like holiday-sex, eh?

How digital audio ate itself and the music industry

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(A Fool) <----------- easily parted ------------> (A Fool's Money)

Need I say more?

I had thes out in a hifi shop, and the chap conceded that once you got up to £20 SPDIF cables you really couldn't tell the difference on double-blind testing, and that some people were happy enough with bell-wire with a couple of coaxial plugs. Not USB, mind, but much the same principle.

Radiation TERROR on Scottish beach! Except it's quite safe

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Not so much. From here at my desk I could probably get to Dalgety Bay in about 30 minutes depending on traffic at the bridge.

I'm not going to suggest that diets in Edinburgh are so much better than in Fife, but even I'll draw the line somewhere. That said, apparently some chippies in Dunfy are doing deep-fried Maltesers, which sound incredible if not *entirely* the lighter way to enjoy chocolate...

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Health risks

Don't forget that the Kingdom of Fife is the birthplace of that most hallowed of meals, the deep-fried Mars bar, or so they tell me. Quite proud of it in Dunfermline.

San Diego woman strips to bikini to look for her chihuahua

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You want bikini-clad Scottish women?

That's just cruel - it's bloody freezing out there! The only ones that'll survive the cold today are the ones that you really don't want to see in their undergarments.

Heated handlebars all the way to work today - brrrr.

Fragged, fragged and thrice fragged! 20 years of id Software’s Doom

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Doom started my career

My first networking experience was getting IPX drivers to work so that we could play Doom. And yes, 1.0 had a knack of swamping the network, but on the other hand it let you get 3 computers together and have 'side' views.

After a marathon session of E1M1 on turbo255 with 4 players I had to drive home. I would have sworn to a court that I was only doing 30 had I not looked at the speedo. Oops.

Hero dev writes the CODE that COULD SAVE THE WORLD

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But does it work?

XKCD ahead of the curve again...


It's ALIVE! Broken Russian Mars probe finally answers calls

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@DJ 2

Well, why not send it to the moon and use a gravitational slingshot to whip it towards Mars? Would that not be worth a shot? That said, perhaps they've been planning that all along. And I suppose it's not just the getting-going that's the issue - the thing has to stop at the other end too.

Still, could be cool if it worked - like MacGuyver in space!

Storage minnow Infortrend is growing up... fast

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I like Infortrend, but...

I like them because they offered a decent-spec RAID6 iSCSI enclosure years ago when I was first in the market for one. Dirt-cheap with 3.5" SATA drives, but the iSCSI controller is a bit slow.

I got another one with a U320 SCSI connector, and that beast flies! Excellent investment for D2D backups.

My problem is that spare parts take up to 2 weeks to arrive. I had the U320 controller die, and really struggled for backups (small shop, and a bit hard to justify keeping a spare).

I daresay by now the iSCSI controller speed will have been sorted, so if they can keep the parts chain topped up they're well worth a look. In fact, I got a SAS one for a different company, and it's a great box. It was only the parts situation that made me recommend an HP (DotHill) box for their live storage.

Fake doc cuffed in concrete arse shocker

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A cultural thing - fair enough

Okay, this is a generalisation, but the way I understand it there's a vague delineation between black/latin women wanting big bums and oriental/white women wanting smaller bums. So I can accept that she might want a bit more meat on. But seriously?

If she's that desperate for a giant ugly arse, there's always Greggs...

Kids demand Apple kit for Chrimble

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My boy's getting a Buzz Lightyear

Screw Apple. Unless they can offer an impressive wingspan, or perhaps some kind of motorcycle, they're out in the cold for him.

Too rude for the road: DVLA hot list of banned numberplates

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P155 OFF

I tried to register this for my old Yamaha - DVLA had it on the banned list way back then.

Eleven - if you will - rocktastic music movies

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Jack Black? Twice?

I'm glad it's not just me that thinks most of his stuff is drivel. Kevin and Perry Go Large probably has more merit than the two Jack Black offerings here...

Pass the wine, dear. Yes, that papier-mache thing

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@missed out 568ml

Well we'll just have to pad it out to the 750 then. Shame really.

Besides, the big Leffe bottles are 750ml already - blazing a trail for us all.

Intel takes the heat off power management

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Spot-prices of electricity?

Surely if you're seriously cloudy and thus have datacentres around the globe, you can just track the off-peak electricity pricing. Run your server loads in the middle of the night (locally) and direct the traffic around.

Efficient on bandwidth? Not really. But efficient on electricity? Surely is - just crack the whole thing onto an Economy7 tariff, and you won't need quite as much active cooling at night.

Surely there's a more significant problem with this than latency (and having to have equipment in datacentres worldwide, but I'm still working on a cup of tea here so I've not spotted it yet.

Asus prices up five-core Eee Pad Android tablet

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I'm glad my tea's still too hot to drink or you'd be buying me a new keyboard. You dirty scallywag!

defiler Silver badge

She'll never be able to read the screen like that.

Open it up a bit, silly girl... Oh, and turn around, or you're going to have the sun reflecting right off the screen.

Production electric motorcycle breaks 100 mile range

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Commuter bike

Up here in Scotland it would make a decent commuter bike. Yes there are idiots on the road, but far fewer than there seem to be in places like Birmingham and London (from my experience). 100 miles on a charge? That could do me nicely.

Yet to find anything that beast the Blackbird for tugging luggage around for a day and going for a blast at the end of it, though!

Greens threaten to sue over solar power cash slash

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Yes please!

And this is coming from someone who seems to be being lambasted for being in the Feed-in Tariff scheme. I'd rather the money had gone on clean, dependable nuclear.

defiler Silver badge


Yep, I would. You're welcome.

I hope you see that you're arguing the same side as me, yes?

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@FIT distorts prices

Yes, you're right - installers often charge huge amounts for installation. Mine was quoted at £1000 for labour. I made a counter-offer which was accepted. I saved a good deal on my installation and certainly wasn't reamed to that extent. I don't know if I got what you might call a "fair" deal, but it was a deal that I was happy with and the installer was prepared to accept.

Yet, the 41.3p FiT was ridiculous. The 43.3p one even moreso. I wasn't clear in my point about the tariff dropping - I meant drop by 5p in April 2011 to 36.3p, and then October 2011 to 31.3p. I suspect the industry could take another 5p cut to 26.3p in April 2012, and by staggering it like that you could take the sting out of the current changes. Many people have built business models on the high tariffs. You might not agree with them (I don't agree with the rent-a-roof brigade, for example), but a managed regression of the tariff would have been better.

As I said, though, if the FiT causes the install charge to be £1000 over-the-odds, that's still £4000 less than they used to scam from the grant scheme.

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They did the upfront subsidy...

You used to get (I think) a £6000 grant for PV installations. All that happened is that the certified installers were £5000 more expensive than the uncertified ones.

The FiT was introduced to stimulate the industry, which it has very nicely. Problem is, who have you seen with solar panels? Mine work great - I'm very pleased with them, and would be happy if the FiT was run for 15 years rather than 25. They'd have paid for themselves by then. But by encouraging individual homeowners to install these systems they become a much more commonplace sight. People will stop thinking they're "strange", and will stop thinking you have to make your shoes out of hemp to invest in them.

My kids will grow up thinking it's perfectly reasonable to make your own electricity. That's a huge shift in mind-set from myself - this is a real novelty to me! By increasing awareness (and driving down the costs, which has happened - though how much of that is due to the slump in Germany I don't know) more people can be encouraged to go down the same route even at a lower FiT.

The FiT has been too high for a while now - it should have been cut by 5p in April, and another 5p in October I reckon. The price of installations is coming down, and the payback time should be kept reasonably constant. This halving of the rate will have a significant knock-on effect on the PV industry. And no, I'm not part of it - I'm just a customer.

As for the poor people who're getting fleeced for their electricity to subsidise my panels, I'm pretty sure that the FiT has put very little extra cost onto the average bill. The people who concern me more are the poor sods getting reamed on the pre-pay meters. :(

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