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Japanese hack gets space probe back on track

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Just needed more struts.

If it still works six months from now, count yourself lucky

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My desktop

Never had to buy a new one in 23 years.

I've had to replace the motherboard a few times, CPU now and then, VGA every few years to keep up, hard discs here and there, case and PSU when I outgrew them, and memory when I needed more. But it's the same computer for 23 years!

(You probably don't want to look at my keyboard...)

X-Gene 3 in 2016 – no, not a superhero movie. It's a 16nm FinFET 64-bit ARM chip for servers

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Re: Its getting harder...

Was going to say much the same. I doubt it'll have the power density of a 2-socket x64 server (thinking likes of DL360), but for most small-business applications that's overkill.

In fact, for most companies, unless you're hitting virtualisation hard (and yes, there are still some holdouts), a single x64 server is too much for a given task.

So what's the internet community doing about the NSA cracking VPN, HTTPS encryption?

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Re: A little clarification

So, to be clear (as I genuinely don't know), this means that my private key prime number can't be '3' because that's not on a proscribed list of non-shit keys? But similarly, many, many websites will use the same key as me?

Am I close, and do I win a prize?

Japan 'charges MtGox baron Mark Karpeles with BTC embezzlement'

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Indeed, under UK financial regs (FCA), client funds must be ringfenced and are not to be used as operating capital. And having been in a place where there were rumours of that, it's taken very seriously. If you have knowledge (or even a strong suspicion) that it's going on and don't report it then you can be held culpable too.

Sometimes regulated financial markets are a jolly good thing.

Finally! It's the year of Linux on the desktop TITSUP

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The problem as I see it.

I do like Linux, and tend to favour Centos or Ubuntu for certain tasks, but this:

"As a barometer, DistroWatch readers rank it the 80th-most-read-about Linux distribution."

80 distributions, plus the rest. And three different ways of doing anything, depending on the distribution you choose. This is why I just can't see Linux on the (mainstream) desktop any time soon. I've used it daily as my desktop before (Ubuntu 12.04) and enjoyed it when I got used to its quirks, but when there's such a fragmented market I just can't see it gaining traction.

However, I'm also the guy who gets pissed off trying to select between 40 types of toothpaste.

Scot Nationalists' march on Westminster may be GOOD for UK IT

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Re: Be Careful what you wish for.@SolidSquid

"And, in fairness, the toxic vitriol against the English during the referendum was unacceptable and has eroded the goodwill that would be required from England."

It was entirely unacceptable. And it was also by a very small minority. The rest of us got on with our days, and on referendum day turned up, voted, and went to work quietly. I didn't want to hear the big "YES" party going on in The Meadows in Edinburgh - it was distracting me whilst I was trying to get stuff done. I also didn't want high-profile campaigners on either side to be subject to some of the hatred that arose (whatever you think of JK Rowling, for example, there was no excuse for some of the crap hurled her way).

Some of us up here in Scotland were pointing out throughout that the YES campaign's plans seemed to rely a lot on the goodwill of England (in particular), which may not be forthcoming given the expense that would be incurred if we dropped out of the Union.

So I'm not surprised that many in England are bored of it, or repelled by the nastiness. Still, two points to be made here:

1) Unlike some muppet's suggestion above, there are about 5.5 million people in Scotland. Not 3 million.

2) If we did leave the Union we wouldn't be subjected to nineteen-sixty-fucking-six football pish *every* *fucking* *four* *years*. You think England's bored of Scotland going on about something?...

Streaming tears of laughter as Jay-Z (Tidal) waves goodbye to $56m

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Re: Word perfect article

"What makes me wonder is how people actually arrive at that point where they become incapable of detecting a difference between their imagination and the real world out there."

Dougal. Have you been studying the diagram like I said?

Saturn's rings, radio waves ... poetry? At home with Scotland's Mr Physics

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Let's not forget JCMB

The James Clerk Maxwell Building at the Kings Buildings campus of Edinburgh University. Legendary for having no Ground floor, having the front door come into the second floor and the enigmatic sign that said "level 1" and "other level 1".

Oh, and Mays cafe. But that's another tale (or ten)...

Let's talk about the (real) price of flash and spinning disks

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For single-user streaming, spinning discs are an easy sell, but if you scale out to a hundred users streaming different streams at the same time then you're not far off random data again.

I know, you can have the OS pre load lots of data while the head's looking at one stream so it's not a total disaster, but then you're moving the problem to RAM. And that costs more than flash. Just a thought...

Atomic keyring's eerie blue glow lights SPB lab

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Mine worked fine until about 2 years ago

Then I accidentally rolled my motorbike over it. Sad day.

ATTENTION SETI scientists! It's TOO LATE: ALIENS will ATTACK in 2049

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Re: We have senses. Smell, Taste, Sight and Touch. Without any of these things, we wouldn't live.


Elon Musk: Hover rocket? Check. Hover ship? Check. Let's DO THIS

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Good luck!

Good luck to the engineers and scientists on this. They're breaking new ground and were achingly close last time.

If it lands cleanly them I might forego my diet for a beer!

Boffins: It's EASY to make you GRASS YOURSELF UP for crimes you never did

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Step 3 - Profit

We can remember it for you wholesale. That's all.

Last year was utter rubbish. Thanks for being part of it!

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Re: Come on the great South, we're rooting for you

Much of South Korea is in artillery range if you have a modern artillery. Most of North Korea's pieces are obsolete which could merrily shell Seoul if it wasn't 30 miles out of range.

Remember, this is a nation which is still flying MiG-17s...

Hairy situation? Blade servers can reach where others can't

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I don't get it

I've been curious about blades for a long time, but I've been running my entire server infrastructure as virtual machines for over 10 years now. Density of nodes is irrelevant to me. Density of resource is a different issue, but it seems to me that I can cram more horsepower per U into a rack with 1U servers than with blades because the blades have lower individual performance (presumably due to cooling limitations).

I like the concept, but it just doesn't seem to add up. Maybe if you're running physical loads rather than virtual it's a clear winner. Otherwise I'll be keeping an eye on the DL360 quickspecs.

Splashdown! Orion lands safely in the Pacific Ocean

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Re: @ Mainlanders @Uffish - Oops

I was only joking about the mile and a half. When it comes to travelling to Mars you start from orbit. You can calculate your trajectory very accurately when you don't have air in the way.

Once you're moving, you can also verify just how close you are going to be and tweak your trajectory en route. Is not like firing a gun at a target millions of miles away.

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A mile and a half

Don't get me wrong, a mile and a half out is pretty good. But Buran landed within 5 feet of its target on its one and only flight.

Also, keen to see how they plan to put together a Mars lander. That thing has to touch down with a hell of a lot of delta-v in the tanks.

Anyway. Well done to all. A safe flight is a successful flight.

It was space vs boat at Orion launch. The boat won

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Re: You will not go to space today

Thank you, Nick. Saved me the bother :)

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You will not go to space today

I'm sure someone will find the XKCD - I'm trying to work here!

Munich considers dumping Linux for ... GULP ... Windows!

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Re: Lack of integrated email/contacts/calendar?

"Just to note that Windows 8.1 outperformed the latest Ubuntu in benchmark tests such as boot time, 3D graphics and copying large files..."

That's great, and I tried Windows 8.1 - yes it's very quick to boot. So that's saved me about 12 seconds a day.

3D graphics? Wonderful but I don't care in an office environment.

Copying large files? Again (almost entirely) unnecessary in an office.

Having used Ubuntu for 2+ years for work and dual booting to Windows 7 on the same machine, I found little difference in program performance, but Ubuntu was generally quicker at drive access and more stable (particularly Firefox).

And I wish I'd had an Outlook equivalent. Though Thunderbird was good for most jobs.

Stephen Elop: 'Hello there' (and goodbye to 12,500 of you)

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Smug wee Alex Salmond?

Nothing quite like taking sides, I suppose.

I'll be honest, I have no love for the man or his campaign, and I'm certain of which way I'll be voting, but I'm not sure whether it's appropriate in an article on a news site.

Also, .scot domains? What the fuck? I'm going to propose .ass for "associations" and then register bitemyshineymetal.ass...

(Yeah, I'm bored. Waiting for a backup to finish...)

Surprise! NSA's first ever 'transparency' 'report' is anything but

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How big of a target?

Apparently a target is one or more people, up to, including, or beyond 7 billion.

Phew. Glad there aren't many targets then!

What a whopper, LG: Feast your eyes on this 77-inch bendy TV

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Curved telly?

Not really feeling it. Recently bought a 65" LED-backlit Samsung. 1080p looks fantastic on it, since not only do I not have any 4k content, but I don't even have a device that could produce it right now. The backlight spread is not perfect (though it's damn close), and the image processing (frame interpolation) occasionally screws up a frame (maybe 2 or 3 over the course of a movie), but I'm delighted with it.

You know what the best thing is? I can stick it up on the wall. Great, eh? Of course, I look forward to buying a lighthouse so that I can stick a curved OLED up on the wall...

Traffic lights, fridges and how they've all got it in for us

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Re: Need a "home controller"

Given that we're talking about billions upon billions of devices (in the article), and you don't want them to be visible outside the local network, shouldn't you be just using IPv6 local link addressing?

Anyone trying to use internal routing in their house should have the savvy to be able to effectively firewall, and the responsibility to accept when they've screwed up. They can then enable routable addressing on these devices if they like.

Just a thought.

AMD details aggressive power-efficiency goal: 25X boost by 2020

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When does it stop being the GPU?

I find myself wondering, if so many intensive tasks are so much better on a GPU, at which point will it take over dealing with the daily chores of the CPU? At that point will the CPU just be a boot device?

Sony CEO forced to shush shareholder heckling at fiery AGM

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Re: So variable

Yep. I have an old STR-VA555ES hooked up to the telly and it'sa magnificent beast. But it predates HDMI because I got it 12 years ago.

I can't justify chucking it because it's such a nice amp, and I can still coax my current equipment to go optical for audio (even though it took ages to get the timing right).

When they get it right, Sony get it right; but it doesn't happen often enough. And there's always an equivalent by someone else these days.

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Re: Root kit

My wife bought a CD (Kyle LaGrange) a couple of weeks ago. Crashed Windows 7 on my PC each time I put it on the drive.

Ubuntu swallowed it no problem.

This is not an old CD, in fact I think it was released this year. They still seem to be up to all this shit.

Let's be honest, whilst most of their products are mediocre, Sony still do some good stuff but there's always another company with an excellent equivalent.

For my money they can go and fuck themselves. Probably won't make much of a dent in their bottom line by myself, but I don't imagine I'm alone.

Please be seated at your FOUR-LEGGED PC

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So we're back to the Encom mainframe.

1) Does it talk as it displays messages?

2) Is the screen 20 text-columns wide?

3) Is it going to digitise me?

4) Where does the floppy drive fit?

Important questions, I'd suggest.

IT'S ALIVE! ISEE-3 responding to commands

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Thumb Up

What a waste of money

What a magnificent, fantastic waste of money!

I wholeheartedly approve!

Why two-player games > online gaming: See your pal's shock as you bag a last-second victory

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Puzzle Bobble

I can't believe nobody has mentioned this yet. Puzzle Bobble Pretty much guarantees real-world violence.

Astronomers spot hint of first EXOMOON, possibly

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Maybe it's Endor

We're the E-E-E-E-Ewoks!

Yep - I'll grab my coat.

How Brit computer maker beat IBM's S/360 - and Soviet spies

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Re: English Electric Lightning

And if Farnborough is the far end of the country, there's one at East Fortune, the museum of flight in East Lothian, just outside Edinburgh.

And a Harrier.

And a Concorde.

And a Vulcan. A VULCAN!!

And loads of other stuff too - good day out with the kids, so long as you can foist them off on the grandparents and actually indulge in some propheadery.

Seagate brings out 6TB HDD, did not need NO STEENKIN' shingles

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Bigger and bigger, longer and longer

I'm just waiting for the day that a RAID rebuild takes more than 50% of the lifespan of a new drive.

I'll stick to 3TB and more spindles for now, thanks. Bloody impressive all the same.

Lego is the TOOL OF SATAN, thunders Polish priest

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Re: "Due to his pledge of chastity..."

When you've outgrown Lego, you've outgrown life.

How Microsoft can keep Win XP alive – and WHY: A real-world example

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Re: @ Flocke Kroes -- Wrong economics

RobHib, yes we live in a more computer-literate world, but one in which almost nobody actually knows how to fix their computer problems. Sure, my 5-year-old can use my tablet pretty successfully, but tablets are toys and hopelessly inadequate for most types of work. (Much as I love my tablet, and I do sometimes do work on it, it's not a patch on a "proper" computer.)

So, a Win32/64 API in a 3rd-party OS? You mean WINE then? Or a better example would be OS/2. Which company is going to step forward and rebuild the entire Windows API from the reference manuals? I have no doubt it could be done - it's "just" a bigger version of the Compaq IBM-compatible BIOS project - but it's a hell of a big (and expensive) project. And then as a user of Windows software, what would you do? Buy Windows or Otherdows? See how that worked out for IBM OS/2. A better DOS than DOS, a better Windows than Windows - the thing is it really was (in my experience), but that didn't cut it when you could just buy Windows instead.

And yes, everyone thought I was mental for running OS/2 v3 on my own PC.

Soccer's dull? A MIND-CONTROLLED robo-suit will be used to take first World Cup 2014 kick

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Re: Future employment

Bear in mind that reactor cores and such are pretty well shielded against radiation, so radio control isn't going to work terribly well. You'd need a big bundle of cable trailing after it. At the same time, it solves the problem of powering the thing for hours, silver lining and all that.

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Re: Please bear in mind...

Don't forget the plaid horse. That guy's a bastard.

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Yep - we'll "just" do that. And we'll "just" sort out world hunger and single-stage-to-orbit before lunch.

Woah there! "Just" is a big word, and I'm pretty confident that it *is* "that much harder". But I'm also pretty confident that someone will be working on it, and working hard. Patience! It's not going to happen this week. Maybe next week!

Tokyo to TXT warning of incoming Norks nukes

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Kind of pointless

Having seen the state of the mobile phone networks trying to carry SMS at new Year, I can only imagine 80% of the messages won't arrive until a good 4 hours after the apocalypse.

To locate your nearest bomb shelter, text SHELTER to 61555. Messages will be changed at £5 plus your standard message rate.

Candy Crush King sees IPO go sour as stock price heads south

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$7Bn? Really?

Fuck that.

Is EA even "worth" $7Bn? Hmm - if I'm reading this right they're worth $8.84Bn. Still, point still stands. EA is a very established company in this market with a proven track record spanning 25+ years.

Valve? About $2.5Bn

Take 2? $1.75Bn

Nintendo is worth about $14Bn. Are these muppets trying to say that two King Digitals make a Nintendo?

Arseholes. The lot of them.

As WinXP death looms, Microsoft releases its operating system SOURCE CODE for free

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Re: Are you insane?


But a disassembler doesn't nicely highlight all the bits that say /* BUGBUG */

Facebook swallows Oculus VR goggle-geeks. Did that really happen?

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It's like someone just shit in Santa's socks

Hopefully it'll still get built.

Hopefully it'll still be good.

Hopefully it'll still get games support.

Hopefully it'll not be too expensive.

Basically, "Hopefully <all the things that were hopeful before>".

At the same time, it just feels dirty having such an insidious brand as Facebook involved now. And what will they do with the info coming out of it - who knows? (Who knows what info will come out?)

The biggest thing that pisses me off, though, is the Kickstarter. Nope, I didn't pledge (although I came close). For those who did pledge, they get a nice "We're $2Bn better off, kthxbye", which looks a bit like a kick in the balls with a smile attached. They didn't pledge money for Facebook to get a hold in the market. They pledged for an independent company to develop something cool.

Splitting hairs? Perhaps. But it leaves a nasty taste to me.

Intel details four new 'enthusiast' processors for Haswell, Broadwell

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Well perhaps they should be!

We could rename Barnsley or something...

China shutters Windows ‘rival’ Red Flag Linux

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Re: China actually paying for software?!

I must be getting old - I still think of 040-1234567

Bill Gates is once again the richest man on Earth

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This time next year, Rodney...

Fedora 20 Heisenbug makes ARM chips 'a primary architecture'

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Re: 2015 Year of the Linux Desktop

Problem is that outside the workplace, desktops are dying a death. Laptops less so, but tablets are where the domestic market is these days.

Linux has matured to the point where it can be a realistic option on the desktop for most people, just as most people are getting rid of the desktop.

(And this from someone who uses Ubuntu on my desktop.)

IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE! Google's secretive Omega tech just like LIVING thing

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I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed...

And I have this pain in all the diodes down my left side.

We'll build Elon Musk's Hyperloop ... if you lob us ONE-MEELLION dollars

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Re: No chance in hell

Hell, Edinburgh's new (unfinished) tram system is costing around £100M per mile...

Microsoft sharpens blade, slashes high-mem cloud prices in Amazon duel

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Why the extra Windows tax?

If i were Microsoft, I'd offer Windows at the same cost per hour as Linux. They always try to impress that the TCO is lower with Windows, so that should be reflected in this. And I'll bet they can cut themselves a cosy deal on the license cost.

They should offer price parity to squeeze everyone else out of the market. Not that I want to see them dominate.

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