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Seagate brings out 6TB HDD, did not need NO STEENKIN' shingles

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Bigger and bigger, longer and longer

I'm just waiting for the day that a RAID rebuild takes more than 50% of the lifespan of a new drive.

I'll stick to 3TB and more spindles for now, thanks. Bloody impressive all the same.

Lego is the TOOL OF SATAN, thunders Polish priest

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Re: "Due to his pledge of chastity..."

When you've outgrown Lego, you've outgrown life.

How Microsoft can keep Win XP alive – and WHY: A real-world example

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Re: @ Flocke Kroes -- Wrong economics

RobHib, yes we live in a more computer-literate world, but one in which almost nobody actually knows how to fix their computer problems. Sure, my 5-year-old can use my tablet pretty successfully, but tablets are toys and hopelessly inadequate for most types of work. (Much as I love my tablet, and I do sometimes do work on it, it's not a patch on a "proper" computer.)

So, a Win32/64 API in a 3rd-party OS? You mean WINE then? Or a better example would be OS/2. Which company is going to step forward and rebuild the entire Windows API from the reference manuals? I have no doubt it could be done - it's "just" a bigger version of the Compaq IBM-compatible BIOS project - but it's a hell of a big (and expensive) project. And then as a user of Windows software, what would you do? Buy Windows or Otherdows? See how that worked out for IBM OS/2. A better DOS than DOS, a better Windows than Windows - the thing is it really was (in my experience), but that didn't cut it when you could just buy Windows instead.

And yes, everyone thought I was mental for running OS/2 v3 on my own PC.

Soccer's dull? A MIND-CONTROLLED robo-suit will be used to take first World Cup 2014 kick

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Re: Future employment

Bear in mind that reactor cores and such are pretty well shielded against radiation, so radio control isn't going to work terribly well. You'd need a big bundle of cable trailing after it. At the same time, it solves the problem of powering the thing for hours, silver lining and all that.

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Re: Please bear in mind...

Don't forget the plaid horse. That guy's a bastard.

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Yep - we'll "just" do that. And we'll "just" sort out world hunger and single-stage-to-orbit before lunch.

Woah there! "Just" is a big word, and I'm pretty confident that it *is* "that much harder". But I'm also pretty confident that someone will be working on it, and working hard. Patience! It's not going to happen this week. Maybe next week!

Tokyo to TXT warning of incoming Norks nukes

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Kind of pointless

Having seen the state of the mobile phone networks trying to carry SMS at new Year, I can only imagine 80% of the messages won't arrive until a good 4 hours after the apocalypse.

To locate your nearest bomb shelter, text SHELTER to 61555. Messages will be changed at £5 plus your standard message rate.

Candy Crush King sees IPO go sour as stock price heads south

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$7Bn? Really?

Fuck that.

Is EA even "worth" $7Bn? Hmm - if I'm reading this right they're worth $8.84Bn. Still, point still stands. EA is a very established company in this market with a proven track record spanning 25+ years.

Valve? About $2.5Bn

Take 2? $1.75Bn

Nintendo is worth about $14Bn. Are these muppets trying to say that two King Digitals make a Nintendo?

Arseholes. The lot of them.

As WinXP death looms, Microsoft releases its operating system SOURCE CODE for free

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Re: Are you insane?


But a disassembler doesn't nicely highlight all the bits that say /* BUGBUG */

Facebook swallows Oculus VR goggle-geeks. Did that really happen?

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It's like someone just shit in Santa's socks

Hopefully it'll still get built.

Hopefully it'll still be good.

Hopefully it'll still get games support.

Hopefully it'll not be too expensive.

Basically, "Hopefully <all the things that were hopeful before>".

At the same time, it just feels dirty having such an insidious brand as Facebook involved now. And what will they do with the info coming out of it - who knows? (Who knows what info will come out?)

The biggest thing that pisses me off, though, is the Kickstarter. Nope, I didn't pledge (although I came close). For those who did pledge, they get a nice "We're $2Bn better off, kthxbye", which looks a bit like a kick in the balls with a smile attached. They didn't pledge money for Facebook to get a hold in the market. They pledged for an independent company to develop something cool.

Splitting hairs? Perhaps. But it leaves a nasty taste to me.

Intel details four new 'enthusiast' processors for Haswell, Broadwell

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Well perhaps they should be!

We could rename Barnsley or something...

China shutters Windows ‘rival’ Red Flag Linux

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Re: China actually paying for software?!

I must be getting old - I still think of 040-1234567

Bill Gates is once again the richest man on Earth

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This time next year, Rodney...

Fedora 20 Heisenbug makes ARM chips 'a primary architecture'

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Re: 2015 Year of the Linux Desktop

Problem is that outside the workplace, desktops are dying a death. Laptops less so, but tablets are where the domestic market is these days.

Linux has matured to the point where it can be a realistic option on the desktop for most people, just as most people are getting rid of the desktop.

(And this from someone who uses Ubuntu on my desktop.)

IT'S ALIVE! IT'S ALIVE! Google's secretive Omega tech just like LIVING thing

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I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed...

And I have this pain in all the diodes down my left side.

We'll build Elon Musk's Hyperloop ... if you lob us ONE-MEELLION dollars

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Re: No chance in hell

Hell, Edinburgh's new (unfinished) tram system is costing around £100M per mile...

Microsoft sharpens blade, slashes high-mem cloud prices in Amazon duel

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Why the extra Windows tax?

If i were Microsoft, I'd offer Windows at the same cost per hour as Linux. They always try to impress that the TCO is lower with Windows, so that should be reflected in this. And I'll bet they can cut themselves a cosy deal on the license cost.

They should offer price parity to squeeze everyone else out of the market. Not that I want to see them dominate.

NASA's Jupiter probe wakes up after unexpected snooze

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Just be grateful...

...it was "Safe Mode with Networking".

Apple iMac 27-inch 2013: An extra hundred quid for what exactly?

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@AC - 12:08 Re: Ethernet

I am that person who had to drive to a client's site at the drop of a hat because the boss' new Macbook Air couldn't connect to the correct wireless network, was pretending to connect to the wrong wireless network, and didn't have a nice reliable ethernet port for me to remote in through.

If it doesn't have an ethernet port, it's a toy.

If it's a tablet, and doesn't have an ethernet port, it's a toy. And in that I count my Asus Transformer which has become my go-to portable device for work. Still a toy, just an impressive one.

Valve uncloaks prototype Steam Machine console specs

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Re: Not so big a snag.

@Charles 9

If you're licensing the design to manufacturers you're starting to smell awfuly like 3DO, and we all remember how that went. Actually most people never heard of them...

I know it's a different marketplace these days, there are far fewer console manufacturers, and Steam have a working business model and games distribution system, but licensing the design could be messy. Given the choice most potential customers would choose the Steam-branded version unless they just don't brand one themselves (like the 3DO).

Bear in mind that Trip Hawkins left the top tier of EA when they ruled the games world, so he wasn't inexperienced.

Anyway, there are probably more differences than parallels, but that's my though for the day...

Tracking the history of magnetic tape: A game of noughts and crosses

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Re: no more tape in SOHO?

Single parity and no hot-spare? You're probably as well to spin it up to RAID6, consume the hot-spare, and know that if a drive fails you don't have that rebuild time before you're protected again.

That's the way I looked at it for myself, at least.

Intel carves up Xeon E5-2600 v2 chips for two-socket boxes

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Power consumption

One part of me is horrified by 130W per CPU, but then another part of me realises that it's only 11W per core, or 5.5W per thread. Suddenly it's not so bad, and stacks up very favourably against my old "low power" Phenom II X4 905e.

You'd still have a hard time cooling a whole rack.

TDK calls it quits on tape media thanks to 'difficult environment'

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Re: Yesterday...

"Tapes are just insurance." - you got it right there. I don't expect to do regular restores from tape. Whenever possible I advise clients to have D2D backups at file level. Tape is an invaluable DR tool, though, and also excellent for archiving. I treat tape as the deep-tank. The backstop for when things go badly wrong. And it's served me well over the years.

It's not for constant access - hard discs are miles better at that. But users need to have reasonable expectations on access times to effectively unused data too.

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Only yesterday I was telling people that tape still has a bright future. The amount of data you can fit in a rack is on a par with hard discs, but the discs wear out faster, and cost £thousands more per year to spin and to cool. Even "backup to the cloud" still has to land on something, and if it's hard disc it's a waste of power and space.

I still believe in tape. And whilst I can see it moving out of individual companies to cloud backup providers in time, I still can't see it going away anytime soon.

Universal Credit CRUNCHED: Dole handouts IT system to be rebuilt

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Huge government IT project

Destined to fail from the outset. Not surprised in the slightest. Every time I see one of these projects being announced, I just think "that's at least 2x £<budget> that'll be poured into a hole. At least it'll keep some people in jobs for a while."

Do any of these ever work out?

Boffins lay bare exotic Lara Croft meteorite element ununpentium

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Cool - if I can't have my Flying Car, I can at least console myself with a Flying Suit.

Mystery of Guardian mobos and graphics cards which 'held Snowden files'

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Re: None of this makes any sense

Take off and nuke the site from orbit.

Wow, the future is HERE: Charge your phone (wirelessly) in your CAR

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Not a bad idea. I can see this working brilliantly with very little effort. Just a couple of M4 captive nuts, mounted 50mm apart at the centres, arranged directly across the vehicle, perpendicular to the direction of motion. Vehicle would ship with pan-head bolts fitted, in the colour of the dashboard finish, and they would hold down a panel 80x50mm in area. This panel would be in the dashboard finish. Beneath the panel would be the two M4 nuts (captive), and a USB port for power (and hooked up to the audio).

Accessories would have a flat base between 65x30mm and 80x50mm in area, with the mounting holes arranged across the centre of the long axis. There would be a 20mm hole in the base for a USB plug to fit through, or the USB plug coud be moulded into the base (need to standardise on orientation). A thin layer of foam on the bottom surface of the base would allow it to fit nicely onto the surface in the dashboard.

Good job, people - we have a standard. To the patents office! In which case we'd best give it square corners...

Kiwi jetpack gets all-clear for manned tests

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Re: Just wondering....

Dunno, but in the UK almost all petrol stations have roofs over them. I wouldn't fancy having to land this 25 feet from the pump and then drag it in - it looks a mite heavy!

ISPs: Relax. Blocking porn online won't really work

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Re: So by "active choice" call-me-Dave meant *his* choice to opt everyone *in* by default.

The vote in 2014 is only so Wee Eck can be First King of Scotland (reprise), and then hand over a bucket of fail to Ms Sturgeon. It's a stupid idea, and if I had my way the whole of Holyrood would be disbanded - it's a huge waste of money.

Also, as already pointed out, what makes you think "our" policiticians are any better than "your" politicians? B-Ark, the lot of them (First Class of course!)

Devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless Plus: Triple-tech connectivity for the home

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I've resorted to these before

In a steel-framed house that's partially wired with Cat5e, these became a godsend for getting Wifi into the adjoining granny-flat. Speed between the adapters was about 155Mb/sec, which was fine for XBox / Sky streaming, and it got around the nasty steel frame.

The only downside was the RCD between the main house and the granny-flat, so I had to use the Wifi to get past that.

In a nutshell, this is a great little box for extending a wireless network properly. Not like these wireless repeaters that just relay whatever noise they can detect. It geniunely sprouts a new instance of your wireless network in a separate location. RFI from powerline ethernet is a concern, but not with that particular house.

£100 well spent.

Sony sucker-punches Xbox on price, specs, DRM-free gaming

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Re: hmmm....sony doing something good ?

Well, AC there pretty much answers what I was wondering. If Sony are being lauded for not being asses about DRM and connectivity, and people are swearing off the XBone, what does this mean for gamers who vowed never to buy anything from Sony again after their treatment of George Hotz? After all, it'll be a while before CoD is out on the Wii...

It's almost like good cop / bad cop only nobody can remember who's who...

Linux kernel 3.9 lands

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As someone running a Linux home office here...

I have an Xubuntu desktop and a Centos 6.3 server (also running a couple of VMs under KVM). For the server stuff, Linux just runs and runs and runs. For the desktop stuff, I still have niggles.

Honestly, is there a decent RDP client for Linux, because I'm running Remmina, and whilst it's close, I still have lots of issues with it. Also locking up whilst playing music (or it might be Flash - nothing is logged),and YP is a bit of a pain in the arse. I'm going to get around to an LDAP setup, but it's a faff.

For all it's faults, Windows tends to just work straight away. At the same time, I'm glad to have a little space from it. Oh the dichotomy!

Sonic the Hedgehog

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Re: The speed.


As soon as you picked up any real speed you just couldn't see what was happening because the screen hardware wasn't up to it. Still, a damn fine game (one of the best on the GG), and pretty good handheld console for its day (despite the appalling battery life).

My wife had a Megadrive. Still has it, not that it gets spun up these days. Got a Megadrive emulator on the XBox, with all her old games on it. Keep meaning to get around to wiring a Megadrive controller up to it...

Intel demos inexpensive 100Gb/sec silicon photonics chip

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But as was mentioned on The Reg...

Just the other day it was reported that the weak point of the fibre is the fibre itself. Get rid of that and use a hollow tube, and you're looking at upping signal speeds by 40% or something...

However, I suspect they really meant turning them on and off faster. Nice to know that either could be done though. And more colours. And more cables in parallel.

The only remaining question is will it blend / play Crysis / carry all the porn blah blah that everyone always asks...

Mali to give away .ML domains for free

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QR Code Redirects

That's what this should be ideal for. Register as short a name as you can, ending in .ml - then embed it in your own company's QRs on marketing literature. Using a short domain allows you to use more basic codes. Redirect to "full" domain for website. Done.

I can't honestly think of any other reason I'd want one, and I have a short domain for QRs anyway. So, all in all, "meh" from me.

Google's Glasses: The tech with specs appeal?

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Notification lamp

I don't wear glasses, but I can see the day coming... However, I would really consider it a feature to have an LED in the frame at one side, shining sideways into the lens, with a refractive prism ground into the lens to direct the light to your eye. Then you'd have an unobtrusive status lamp for (as John Robson says) email, SMS, voicemail, phone ringing, whatever. It'd be a USP for glasses over contacts, keeping you informed without being information overload.

The Oric-1 is 30

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Re: Fond memories

John Menzies on Princes Street was brilliant as a kid poking the various computers. Good times!

Razzies set to torpedo Rihanna's Battleship

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Re: Oh, Battleship

Seriously, you paid far too much attention to that film. Besides that, all points are valid. Have a beer and try to forget.

Is this possibly the worst broadband in the world?

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Re: But...

So nobody else remember the "Shotgun" modems that Diamond used to do? Channel-bonding over PSTN - 100kb/sec.

(Although that said, he did say he had ISDN. If it was (almost certainly) ISDN2e, it would be 2x64kb, and channel-bonding was easy. Technically it wouldn't have been a modem though.)

Fireflies donate gut feelings to LED research

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Re: Sems to be an optical impedance matching layer ffor optical devices

Hopefully it can be used for solar cells (they could really use a boost), but just being able to improve lighting efficiency alone is brilliant (bad pun). I have 5W LEDs in the kitchen that replaced 50W halogens. If they could be 3.5W instead, there's a saving. It's not big, but it looks like the cost implication will be minimal, and saving energy is saving energy.

And what about other devices? Can this be used to lower the power consumption of LCD monitors by increasing the efficiency of the backlight? Can it be used to make plasma screens more efficient? Perhaps there's some peculiarity that restricts it to LEDs, but it's worth considering.

Very interesting - I like this.

FAVI smacks your dumb TV with £30 Android SmartStick

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Does anyone know if it can be used with a Slingbox easily? If so it could be a perfect travelling companion!

'Instagram, you were my favourite app and you stabbed me in the back'

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"Legal documents are easy to misinterpret."

Then fire your legal team. Legal documents must be utterly free of ambiguity so that if someone challenges them you can defend your position. Sure, sometimes the language used can be in knots and a bind to untangle, but there should be no way to come dto a diffrerent conclusion than that intended by the author.

Won't follow Apple Store rules? How 'bout an iTASER TREAT!

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Re: This is what I don't understand...

I saw scenario 6 on the streets of Edinburgh. Policeman took down ne'er-do-well with a well-placed motorbike after the culprit started to become a danger. It was brilliant. Of course the little old dears who saw it moaned bitterly along the lines of "WAAAA! Stupidd person got hurt!" It was still brilliant.

Who's got option 7, because I'm looking forward to that!?

2020AD: Space tourists will be FOUND ON MOON

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Will the super-rich really go for this?

It's a lot of money, and what do you get?

4 days of in-flight meals and not a lot to do on the way there. After all, there's no room to move because room=payload. Also, I expect entertainment options would be limited - every kWh = payload.

How long on the moon? Do they get to go outside? Are they expected to do anything whilst they're there (like pick up moonrocks or anything)?

4 days of in-flight meals on the way back again.

That's a bit over a week in travelling for what is only likely to be hours on the surface. Yes, I know Cernan and Schmidt stayed on the moon for 3 days or so, but that was a fairly proven system and no comforts. I don't imagine many billionaires will want to do without their comfy beds for 10 days.

It's a nice idea, but I don't think the people who can afford to do it will want to and vice-versa.

Russia steps into NASA's place on upcoming ESA Mars plans

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Re: This Musk guy

For one, as an American he's more inclined than us British to blow his own trumpet, so to speak. Americans typically shout out louder regarding their achievements, whilst that's regarded as comparatively vulgar over here. Not saying that that's good or bad, or that all Americans do it - it's just a lot more common "over there". Secondly, he's a salesman. He wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't push his own solution over a competitor's. Especially when he owns the company.

Besides that, SpaceX is a young, brash company. Give them a decade or so, and they'll also be able to quietly sit back with a spectacular track record and say "why, yes we have!" (hopefully). Good luck to them.

XBMC coders acquire TVonics brand

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XBMC on a set-top box?

I fucking love this!

That is all.

Tosh grabs 2.5-incher, heads for single platter party

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7mm thin?

That annoys me. I know I'm being an arse about it, but it's 7mm *thick*. Measuring 'thinness' is a bloody annoying marketingism.

Neil Armstrong dies aged 82

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A humble man who only wanted to teach

He was one of those people who had greatness thrust upon them. From what I understand, be was never comfortable with that greatness, and only really wanted to be allowed to be a man. It's probably worth remembering at this point that not only will a world remember his passing, but he'll be mourned personally by his family and friends. My sympathies to them, and I hope their personal tragedy won't become some media circus.

Ten monster tellies to suit all budgets

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Just went shopping last week

Picked up an LG 50PM670T - 50" 1920x1080 plasma. It'll do online (wired ethernet), 3d (glasses not included), Freeview, and has 4x HDMI ports.

Picture: Crap out-the-box. Needs all the "enhancement" stuff turned off, and then it's absolutely great. Really nice image.

Sound: Flat and quiet. I'd heard this about this screen before, but it all goes through my AV amp and Kefs anyway, so I wasn't bothered. Lip-sync has been a bit of a laugh, but I think I've got it all tuned out now.

Would I recommend one? Yes, if you have a separate audio output.

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