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Computer forensics defuses FBI's Clinton email 'bombshell'

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Re: I sense political meddling.


Yup. I got a far as cryptographic hashing before I wondered why normal hashing would be inadequate and then decided to get more drunk.

Listening to dive Charlatans, Stone Roses and Beta Band. Better than this nonsense.

British firm to build world's first offshore automated ship

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Re: Plunder

My thought precisely.


What should the Red Arrows' new aircraft be?

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Russian Knights

I had the privilege of seeing the Russian Knights flying Su-27s years ago - they were spectacular! You got a real impression of weight as they hauled those things through the air. It was an affront to physics.

Pluck-filled platter-stuff: Bold disk drive makers fatten up

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Re: I'm glad that everyone else has pointed out the obvious

"So while for a home PC with 1-2 disks 3TB is the sweet spot, at scale the higher the density the lower the associated costs will be and that is what drives the research."

True enough. What I will say, though, is that in my experience the hardware costs are dwarfed by software licenses.

However, if you're talking about a drive that's double the physical volume, you can fit half as many into a shelf, rack, aisle, hall or datacentre. I don't see this being a viable solution. It falls into the Quantum Bigfoot dead end.

Luckily, though, it's not my problem to invent a way to fit more into a drive. Just to afford the results...

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I'm glad that everyone else has pointed out the obvious

If by doubling the drive height you can't double the platters, then just double the number of drives.

If nothing else, it halves your RAID rebuild time compared to a 2" monstrosity.

Besides that, the sweet spot for GB/£ still seems to be 3TB, quite comfortably. If you're worrying about the cost of the controller, perhaps you should store less shit. Just saying...

Boffins one step closer to solving nanoscale computer challenge

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Re: How high can you go?

"specifying it as a 50nm cube is exactly what they have done."

Aww. I was reckoning on 50m x 50nm x about-a-yard.

Florida man ran $1.35m hack-and-spam racket with 50m-plus addresses

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Re: What is it with the expensive car collections?

Because the only waste or money is to sit on it.

For one, money needs to move around to be of any use. And for two, what's the point in working / defrauding / stealing for money if you can't them go on to enjoy it.

And fast cars are certainly enjoyable. Woefully bad investment, as a rule, but enjoyable.

Divide the internet into compartments to save us from the IoT fail whale

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Can't we just shove IoT onto IPX? Routable and yet completely distinguishable so we can turn it off immediately.

What do you mean you don't have an IPX router? Oh well - good enough I guess!

See that red spot on the chart? Sail over it and you'll find a Russian sub

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I watched The Spy Who Loved Me last weekend. They had this sub locating tech 40 years ago!

Windows Server 2016 persistent memory support supercharges storage IO

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"Can't think of a single reason"

I can. Virtual server mobility. It's much easier with a SAN to hold the drives.

Don't get me wrong. For properly big jobs you'll want to run it on bare metal and cluster (even if it ends up being something like log shopping or AlwaysOn Availability groups), and at that point you don't need the mobility. If a node fails then another picks up the load.

For small/medium shops, though, this is overkill and inconvenient. Like every finely tuned tool, good for a specific job and useless elsewhere...

NASA gets last Pluto data

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Re: The one kilobit figure is wrong

You can use lossless compression. We did have image compression before you kids turned up with your JPEGs and your Grindrs, you know...


AMD will sell server CPUs at Happy Meal prices so you can supersize servers

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Given that Microsoft are moving to per-core licensing on Server 2016 (and I expect other products won't be far behind), corporate users will want to see per-core performance on a par with Xeon before moving. Not an issue with Linux workloads, mind.

Besides that, there's the small matter of live-migrating virtual machines to the new architecture. That's a significant migration speedbump if you can't vmotion (or equivalent) straight across.

I like AMD. I'm running on one right now. Sadly they've just not been competitive with Intel for a while.

New measurement alert. The Pogba: 1,200Pg = NHS annual budget

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Re: Less than £2k per person

"The huge majority of people won't get back what they pay in but you still pay during the good years just in case you're unlucky enough to need it."

I remember discussing NICU costs with a nurse when my kids blew through the £1 million mark. Each. And they were only halfway there by that point. I think they've already drawn out more than they'll realistically put in!

The NHS is far from perfect, but I'm damn glad we have it. And I'm happy to pay for it.

IoT botnet swells

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Great. Just great.

We had a nice internet there, but it's been fucked by idiots with wifi candles.

And I thought the dick-pill emails were bad...

RBS debit card payments have gone utterly TITSUP

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Re: How many times must a bank fail at transactions

The answer, my friend,

is blowing in the wind.

The answer is blowing in the wind.

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But... but...

The man said a nice new mainframe would fix everything. And they put aside £500M for it. And the IBM rep probably bought a nice new yacht and everything!

BT will HATE us for this one weird 5G trick

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Re: Shoosht!

"Fit 5G, cycle lanes,serious public transportation systems and provide relocation subsidies to the true middle of the UK - Morecambe!"

How Wise!


Aww give me a smile at least - it's Friday!

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London will be just fine.


First look at Windows Server 2016: 'Cloud for the masses'? We'll be the judge of that

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Re: Windows VM?

Linux hypervisor and Windows guests is licensed per running instance of Windows.

Licensing is not my job so I may be inaccurate, but this'll be close enough to get you within reach:

Yes, the license is attached to the hardware. A Windows Server Standard license permits (from memory) the bare metal plus 2 VMs to be run (it may be simply 2 instances including the bare metal). If the bare-metal OS is not Windows, you get 2 VMs. The VMs are limited by the number of CPUs and cores as per the Windows Edition specs.

Windows Server Datacenter permits as many instances of Windows Server as you can cram into the hardware. Again, they don't care about the hypervisor. Since it's unlimited instances, many people just install Windows Server and enable Hyper-V. I think that's a little foolish because you can run a free hypervisor in a mixed Windows/Linux environment and keep some hardware Linux-only (and not pay for a license).

Service provider licensing is changing for Windows Server 2016 to a per-core model, where the license is prices that 8 cores is the same cost as one socket on 2012R2.

Again, licensing is not my bread and butter. Speak to a reseller and they'll keep you straight. In fact, speak to Microsoft - I've always found their licensing people to be very helpful and friendly (presumably because I'm actively engaging with them and trying to make sure we're always compliant).

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Windows VM?

At the same time, if that VM on your Linux box is a Windows OS, it still needs to be licensed. I don't imagine Microsoft give much of a crap about the small hypervisor deployments, so long as they get their Windows license in there too.

(Run fully licensed Windows server nodes on bare metal, VMware, Xen, KVM, QEMU and Hyper-V - I've covered this one many times!)

Intel is shipping an ARM-based FPGA. Repeat, Intel is shipping an ARM-based FPGA

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Too much hyperbole™

I'm becoming hyper-fatigued.

Y'know that ridiculously expensive Oculus Rift? Yeah, it just got worse

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Seems a bit greedy.

On the plus side, you can buy it piecemeal. But still, I'm coming top the conclusion that I'd rather have a Vive.

That said, my 7-year-old has probably brainwashed me on the Vive. No, it's not on Santa's list...

Stingy sapphire lens in Apple's iPhone 7 is as scratchy as glass

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Put it in a case!

Okay, so they've binned the headphones socket because it's too fat. But you should put a cover on it.

Couldn't they have made it a *little* thicker, a *little* more durable, and left the bloody headphone socket.

Fucking arses. It's a tool, not a museum piece. <sigh>

Simulation shows how space junk spreads after a satellite breaks up

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Should've used MOAR STRUTS!

No - that's all I have.

Firefox to doctor Pepper so it can run Chrome's PDF, Flash plugins

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Re: unsafe at any sandbox

For me, minimum permissions also includes a domain-wide Software Restriction Policy which stops users being able to execute any binaries from folders they have access to. So where does Chrome put Pepper Flash? Into the user's profile.

Then the users complain that websites don't work until we set "deny" permissions on their PepperFlash folder. As if all those years of Chrome installing to the user's local profile wasn't infuriating enough.

Pepper Flash couldn't burn fast enough for me.

Redmond reveals Hyper-V 2016 beats vSphere's RAM and CPU count

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Can it virtualise Crysis?

Heart Internet goes TITSUP again

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Re: Windows

Microsoft Exchange service provider licensing is per mailbox, so no huge penalty there for replication.

If they have any sense they'll be using Windows Datacentre which is licensed per CPU socket regardless of number of virtual machines.

If you're hosting an Exchange service you *start* with 2x CAS, 2x Edge and 2x Mailbox servers, and you run them distributed across at least two physical hosts.

It's not hard if you plan it.

BOFH: I found a flying Dragonite on a Windows 2003 domain

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Re: Been there done that

Umm, you weren't supposed to use a .local domain. Bad idea. Subdomain of your Internet domain. And I know that everyone did it back in the day - I was one of them using .private everywhere.

ITU okays another TV spec

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But there's a difference

Unlike cables made from unicorn-sinew, HDR signalling actually *can* offer a difference in highlights and shadows whereas the cables only really highlight the sunshine reflecting off the snake oil.

Brexit threatens Cornish pasty's racial purity

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Re: I don't want to lose my Tweedys chicken pot pie

But does it have real pot?

Adpocalypse 'will wipe out display ad growth' by 2020

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Re: Protection?

Yep. I totally get that. And as a rule I don't bother with blocking adverts. Except when I went to benchmark a DSL line and it hoovered up the bandwidth downloading ads instead.

I'm generally not bothered by adverts unless they pop up and down (Tom's Hardware) or start playing noises. Even been known to click on them when they've been relevant.

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Am I close?

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So they want us to pay them to *not* do something?

Say, that's a nice web browser. Shame if something were to happen to it...

No, no, a thousand times no, and whomever was suckered into this business model just doesn't live in the same world as the rest of us.

Siemens Healthcare struck by rebranding madness

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That's a funny way to spell "cock"...

The case for ethical ad-blocking

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Ads and speed testing

Coincidentally I was speed-testing an ADSL line for a client earlier today. It got an extra 1Mb/sec when I installed AdBlock Plus...

Is it ethical to shove adverts into your speed tester *while the test is being run*?

Hubble spots ice moon orbiting dwarf planet Makemake

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They called a planet Marky Mark?

'nuff said.

Microsoft to hike certification exam prices

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Re: As a holder of various MS certs, I'm inclined to agree...

+1 on VMware. Had to become VCP certified for work by a certain date. No problem - 15 years of experience with various VMware products saw me through. Then, with a week and a half to go they tell me I have to also complete *their* course at £1400 to prove that I know the stuff that they'd just tested me on.

One hour. That's hire long it took to skip through the online modules quickly and then score >95% on the test at the end of *that*. Do you think that maybe I know my stuff?

Daylight robbery. And now I have 6 months to requalify or I lose my cert and have to do the course again. Dicks.

Woman scales Ben Nevis wielding selfie stick instead of ice axe

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Re: Lucky to be alive

*Precisely* what I was thinking.

I heard that the couple had gone missing on Nevis on the radio, and immediately realised that their chances of survival were slim. This woman did something very stupid and is lucky to have got away with it. Glad she noticed this...

Computers shouldn't smoke. Cigarettes aren't healthy for anyone

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In my youth...

We had a PC brought into the shop which stank of chain-smoker. I had the joy of cracking the lid off it, to be faced with a carpet within.

The insides had a mat about 0.75" thick covering the whole thing, where the cigarette tar had stuck dust to the components, and then dust to dust until it had filled out into a rug.

I think the machine was still working - he'd wanted a RAM upgrade or something. He was told that we couldn't deal with the computer because it hadn't been bought from us (PC World, for my shame), and that it had been accepted for upgrade mistakenly.

To this day the worst I've seen...

Schlock and .aw as Dutch net registry rebrands

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What's the point of the .bv domain name at all? It's an uninhabited island. A "dependency of Norway"? In what way is it dependent?

I'm not convinced that this lump of rock is patiently awaiting input and assistance from Oslo.

Politics and politicians...

The paperless office? Don’t talk sheet

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Ryanair Boarding Pass

Top tip (which I've seen performed).

You could have the airline print your boarding pass, and pay a fee, or you can have them receive and hold a fax for you and have someone in the office print and send it. No fee.

Facebook is no charity, and the ‘free’ in Free Basics comes at a price

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What are the truly impoverished going to do with Facebook?

Got dysentery again...

#monday #fml #thirdworldproblems

Linode: Back at last after ten days of hell

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It does

My wife: Facebook's slow. Oh I just switched off WiFi and it's fine again.

In the other hand I noticed something awry and chose to investigate. Most people wouldn't bother or wouldn't know where to start. Router reset only helped for 5 minutes or so. Enough to make me think my router was on the blink.

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Re: How much does it cost an attacker these days to launch a large-scale attack?

Oh, the attacks came from three different IPs on three different subnets, all in China.

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Re: How much does it cost an attacker these days to launch a large-scale attack?

Everyone is merrily pointing fingers at Windows. Once never had a Windows machine compromised beyond adware. On the other hand, my Centos box was broken into via SSH (non-standard port) over Christmas.

I was out. Internet was sluggish when I came home. Found the problem and fixed it within a couple of hours. My XBMC user for accessing my movies had a shitty password and shell access. It's an easy thing to overlook.

Fixed now, and fail2ban to go in. Not going anon because I'll live with my mistake and I guess I deserve some ire...

Japanese hack gets space probe back on track

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Just needed more struts.

If it still works six months from now, count yourself lucky

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My desktop

Never had to buy a new one in 23 years.

I've had to replace the motherboard a few times, CPU now and then, VGA every few years to keep up, hard discs here and there, case and PSU when I outgrew them, and memory when I needed more. But it's the same computer for 23 years!

(You probably don't want to look at my keyboard...)

X-Gene 3 in 2016 – no, not a superhero movie. It's a 16nm FinFET 64-bit ARM chip for servers

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Re: Its getting harder...

Was going to say much the same. I doubt it'll have the power density of a 2-socket x64 server (thinking likes of DL360), but for most small-business applications that's overkill.

In fact, for most companies, unless you're hitting virtualisation hard (and yes, there are still some holdouts), a single x64 server is too much for a given task.

So what's the internet community doing about the NSA cracking VPN, HTTPS encryption?

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Re: A little clarification

So, to be clear (as I genuinely don't know), this means that my private key prime number can't be '3' because that's not on a proscribed list of non-shit keys? But similarly, many, many websites will use the same key as me?

Am I close, and do I win a prize?

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