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XP? Thanks for the memories

a .de surfjunky

Good to know not to be the mayority of the consumers

I will not buy a next PC, I will buy:

Motherboard, CPU+cooler, Graphics-card, RAM, drives, power supply, case.

If I will use Win 7, I will buy the cheapest 64 bit

System-Builder version (when possible US english -> GAMES!)

(in ordinary brown box) for gaming only.

I slowly change to Linux mint 9 (gnome) for the rest.

(* first version with my upgraded PC originally from 2001/2002.)


Apple bolts chastity belt on super svelte MacBook Air

a .de surfjunky

"Apple bolts chastity belt on super svelte MacBook Air"

-> No upgrade-ability and no user-maintenance-ability

-> Only Apple authorized persons are allowed to change parts/repair for much $$$/€€€

-> & bad connectivity inclusive

Typically Apple -> pure (expansive) lifestyle toy

Apple is getting more and more a replacement religion.

iLove ( ;-) ) standard-(IBM compatible)-PC/notebook


Opera: Can someone free Korea from IE?

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IT Angle

Using M$ IE because "IE = Internet" for them -> "don't know" Mass!

They use M$ IE because "IE = Internet" for them they don't know whats this "mysterious" browser they switch on the PC and click @ the blue "e" and are into the Internet.

"2/3 of the world"s (mostly Windows) users are:

-> greenhorns/newbies,

-> THE famous "generation 50+",

-> using only some programs (Computer @ work ONLY -> Example: office assistants )

-> people that look at the browser like at a 0815 hammer from discounter ,

-> PEBKACs ( = people permanently nerving the IT-Support -> learning resistant !!! ),

-> don't want know / care about

-> politicians (excluding Pirate-Party & other IT-compatible)

-> "Internetausdrucker"

-> ...

PEBKACs ( = DAUs in german) :

http://www.dau-alarm.de/ (daily German IT/-customer-support manic)

Same situation with Safari on MacOSX (but less absolute number BUT STANDARDS COMPLIENT & WITHOUT ActiveX alias InfectiveX)

I am an Opera-user and I will change from WindowsXP to Linux mint 9 (gnome) soon (keeping Opera)

plus evtl. Windows 7 for games ONLY!

My classification: Advanced User.

a .de surfjunky
Gates Horns

Easier possible solution -> slim the IE to basic

Internet Explorer for:

-> System (like now, mannnny programs require basic functions of it),

-> Windows-Update (like now, trusted Windows-System-care-website) ,

-> IntrAnet (like now, jepp, company network ONLY, as browser)

-> Browser-Choice- & download (Internet) -> here without ActiveX, VBScript, JScript NEW!

(same with all other Internet zone websites, browserchoice.com.eu ist the start-page)

=> to take the "2/3" to care about browsers and try them and choose the favorite one

(or more). the users learn M$ IE is NOT the Internet .

a .de surfjunky
Big Brother

Correct, North Korea isn't -> NO Internet -> NO browser (for the citizens).

Even often (for some) no electricity (and for the majority never)

(excluding political leaders, they have)

Look @ Korea at night from space



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