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Boffin seeks $300,000 to build eight-wheel 230mph EV

Thumb Down


Sure it might have performance (eventually) but I have to say that's one of *the* most butt-ugly cars I've seen in a long time.

In fact, I'd even say it beats the Fiat Multipla...

Cross-site hacks and the art of self defence


@Anonymous Bastard

Well, technically I meant HTTP_REFERER (Don't you just love specs that can't spell?)

Regarding followup posts, I wasn't aware that some browsers don't send the referer, I thought that was a standard part of the HTTP request, to know where the request had come from.

Glad others thought it was a good idea too!



Can't you also write your form-processing so that if the form request has come from anywhere except your own site, it won't run?

Oldham murders owl with whalesong



I love the fact that the Oldham website ( www.oldham.gov.uk ) still isn't using the logo, two days after it was "launched" (released, whatever)

Always good to see joined-up communications from the prize twunts in OMBC.

Shuttle XPC SN27P2 small form-factor PC


Mac Mini? Get real

On what planet does Mac Mini beat this box?

Up to three hard-drives, vs. MM's one.

PCIx card for graphics vs. MM's one monitor output

Expandability vs. MM's - um - none.

Decent heatsink capabilities vs. MM's dual role as a toaster and/or space-heater.

Yes, the Mac Mini is 'convenient'. That doesn't mean it's good.

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