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Samsung pushes Galaxy S users a fix of Froyo


Not quite Froyo...

I'm based in Finland. Noticed a new version of the monstrous Kies this morning & upgraded. Kies has been advertising a firmware upgrade for the Galaxy S for a couple of weeks, but this is the first version of Kies that went all the way (fnarr, etc.).

Upgrade went well, but it doesn't seem to be the Full Froyo. Firmware now shown as version 2.1-update1. Kernel version 2.6.29 Build number ECLAIR.POJM1.

Haveing said that there seem to be a fair few changes (haven't gone through all yet) but updated browser, new task manager & voice search apps, rearranged drop-down tabs. GPS a little more responsive too.

So, when is Froyo due...?



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