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PARIS concocts commemorative cocktail


Tentative of Surbiton

Suggests Plastered of PARIS...


Behind the Kindle, under the iPad: an unholy alliance


Liquid Paper? I'll stick to Paper Paper thanks...

I just don't understand this current determination that it's only been the technology holding us back from the Nirvana that is an entirely digital life. As someone who lives in London, I can say with some confidence that no one seems particularly keen to put down the cheap paperback that they don't need to worry about and replace it with a much more expensive, delicate and desirable piece of kit like the Kindle.

Even the Kindle advert shows people reclining on a beach with one, but frankly if I want to read at the beach I'd rather it was on a 'device' that doesn't break if it gets wet, can handle sand and that I can leave on my towel while I go for a quick dip. So a book then?

Some things I can understand switching to digital - newspapers, some magazines etc, but in my (admittedly humble) opinion, the good old fashioned paperback is going to be around for some time yet (unless they start selling eBooks for 50p, in which case I may have to rethink all this!)



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