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Just updated Windows 7? Can't access network shares? It isn't just you


I expect mostly because 'it just works'. Except now, it used to just work unless you deploy a registry key change.

This is more likely to be a problem in small workgroup environments where everyone is configured as an admin and all the credentials are the same on every machine/server.

This sort of shop generally won't have a managed patch system or test environment either so will get the patches immediately, and it's broken everything.

I see both sides of this argument, Microsoft has plugged a security hole, but it's broken something that used to work. Weird as it is, I'm kind of on Microsofts side with this one.


This particular issue seems to only happen if local accounts are being used for shares - those accessed using domain accounts should be fine.

As I understand it, this patch is to mitigate pass the hash vulnerabilities and is likely working as intended - so I wouldn't expect an official fix.

There is a registry key (LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy), that can be added to revert to the unpatched behaviour.

Interestingly, I found this article from 2017 by a red teamer that goes very in depth into this vulnerability and the potential risks associated with setting this registry key:


Microsoft, you shouldn't have: Festive Windows 10 Insiders build about as exciting as new socks


So more like a sewing kit to fix the holes in the socks they gave you in October, but then took back because they were found to chop off your toes.

Zero accidents, all of your data – what The Reg learnt at Bosch's autonomous car bash


"If a user opts out of sharing geolocation data, this will undermine certain safety features such as preventing speeding in speed-limited areas, and will undermine traffic congestion information required to assist traffic management,"

I don't think most people are primarily concerned with the sharing of geolocation data. It's the fact the data invariably gets monetized so they can make money selling advertising that people particularly object to.

The only saving grace is with Bosch being a German company their privacy laws are pretty strict. I don't know that they'd be under any obligation around non-German citizens data, though...

Games rights-holders tell ZX Spectrum reboot firm: Pay or we pull titles


Re: What a complete cockup this Vega thing is!

C64 emulator packed into a Zip Stick and I'm in

In the week Uber blew up, Netflix restates 'No brilliant jerks' policy


Re: Jerks need not apply

It says No Brilliant JerkS, we're allowed to have one

Tesla death smash probe: Neither driver nor autopilot saw the truck


A dead mans switch is definitely the logical extension of the technology they're already using, but it's only designed to stay in lane, so pulling over to stop might be asking too much right now.

Switching on hazard lights, slowing gently to a stop, applying the horn etc, is going to leave a car prone on the highway, but this is a scenario you'd hope other drivers are ready for.

We're unlikely to ever know, but I'm going to assume the best of the deceased and he was incapacitated through no fault of his own and this sadly had a tragic end.

What's big, orange, outrageous, promising to create US jobs, and sinking in popularity?


Re: I do not understand investors

You should watch 'Something Ventured'. It's odd to say but it's a genuinely engaging documentary about the pioneers of venture capitalism.

These people invested in the likes of Cisco, Apple and Intel and made an enormous amount of money in the process. I can't imagine any of the people featured investing in a company where the business plan is solely to be bought out by one of the digital behemoths - yet here we are...

OpenStreetView? You are no longer hostage to Google's car-driven vision


Re: Great for Runners

Definitely, OSM is far better for planning walks than Google Maps.

It's improved and shortened quite a number of walks to, between and from pubs over the Google prescribed walking routes.

It's a sadly underutilised resource, I feel.

Irish Olympics' officials digital devices seized in Rio


Maybe they should have spent that money towards kick backs for boxing judges....

MELTDOWN: Samsung, Sony not-so-smart TVs go titsup for TWO days


Re: Too many aliases?

Bloody stupid, but sadly not unsurprising.

I had the issue on my E Series TV, no access to internet based content, despite the internet working fine on every other device.

I'm surprised you had an issue with an app to access local content, though. I use Plex and it worked just fine - which kept the missus happy.

Is it humanly possible to watch Gigli and Battlefield Earth back-to-back?


Re: Coping Mechanism

irt: Loyal Commentator

I would suggest not just the remake but the sequels of Karate Kid, too.

And to vent an unpopular opinion, I thought Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was great, it was the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory that I dislike. A multitude of reasons, but the naming particularly ticks me off, and the family singing is just awful (The riff trax of this is with Neil Patrick Harris, and it's brilliant)


Coping Mechanism

It seems to be only high profile disasters that are getting a look in, in which case you'd have to throw in the 2006 Wicker Man remake.

However, the only way I could ever partake in an unwatchablathon is if every film was the MST3K version of it, or if it was available as a riff from riff trax.

I'm too spoiled by being entertained by brilliant commentary to sit through a turd of a film without it.

Globe grabbin,’ sphere slammin’, orb-tossin’, pill poppin’... Speedball


Re: RE: Daley Thompson & joysticks

Quickshot II's (Had an original and a Turbo) were great for any of the joystick waggle-o-thon's. They were chunky and comfortable, but unfortunately couldn't really handle the abuse.

For everything else my weapon of choice was the zipstik. I probably still have it somewhere, and I bet the steel-shafted, yellow buttoned beast still works.

The CURSE of WHO: WHY has there never been a decent videogame with the Doctor?


WHY has there never been a decent videogame with the Doctor?

Because they haven't let Travellers Tales loose to create a Lego version.

Finnish regulator calls for iPhone refunds

Thumb Up

There's an app for that

Not really, but you can do this yourself with some conducting thread and a pair of gloves

I first found this on Wu-How, a great program that doesn't get enough credit

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3ldXcYupGw

Microsoft plans biggest ever Patch Tuesday


Worth a go

We had a similar problem, in our case the culprit was KB976569, had to remove this from all machines via scripts, because WSUS can't uninstall it.

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