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Qualcomm halts the FLO of TV


Qualcomm Has NO Titsup

Funny that you say Qualcomm has gone "titsup" because that is just their problem: they had NO tits. Brits never understand that Puritans after Ollie Cromwell took the boat to America and decreed "No Sex!"...Qual. had a policy of "no adult content"; expecting subscribers to pay heavily for News,Fashion & Trifles-it never happened, of course. They were told that the "Ugly George Hour Of Truth,Sex & Violence" was the most-watched cableTV show in NYC, and promptly sneered at it. And now-who in Europe is smarter than that? maybe "ugly" George Galloway,MP?

BTW, my email is NOT for publication & my website uglygeorge.com is not 4 minors or commies.



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