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Just HALF of 10m iPhone, Android BlackBerry BBM app downloads activated


Re: Annoying

I dont know what your mobile company told you but my guess is they wanted to charge you for expensive other-phone bytes instead of cheap Blackberry bytes. I dont think that's Blackberry's fault.


Re: Competition Lacking?

Whatsapp's dirty little secret is it does NOT do read-receipts. A lot of people think the double-tick means it is read. It doesn't. Look it up.

BlackBerry's retro-look QWERTY Q5 mobe: Resentment by design


On a Bold or Q10, I can quite trivially beat the touch-screen typing world record. I'm not even the fastest in my office, mine is a fairly average Blackberry typing speed. Anyone who pretends they can type "just as fast" on glass is fooling themselves, or lying, or has never measured, or should contact Guinness to take that world record.

Even US generals have realised BlackBerries are uncool


The browser WAS horrendous, until 2009 when they bought Torch Mobile.

India claims access to BlackBerry comms

Thumb Down


JaitcH: Come on, any respectable level of encryption, even "low grade for India and other developing countries", is going to take longer than 15 minutes to crack anyway.

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