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Man vindicated for videotaping his own traffic stop

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A Most Wonderful Thing

Some background. In Maryland, it is against the law to record Audio, not Video, without the conset of all who are recorded. So the basis of this prosecution was the fact that the Maryland State Police Trooper had not given his consent to being recorded and published on the internet. Following the local news reporting, it is not clear if the Harford County District Attorney decided to pursue this on his own or if the Maryland State Police were pissed and raised a stink. Regardless, this state judge's decision is amazing and gratifying. Most states in the US allow secret video and audio recording of most anybody, but Maryland is different. This issue came up during the Clinton Impeachment because Linda Tripp was a Maryland resident when she recorded Monica Lewinsky's telephone calls about servicing Bill Clinton's penis.

This Is A Most Wonderful Thing, so now in Maryland, if its public, there is no expection of privacy. Unless you are Inciting, Resisting Arrest, or Failing To Obey The Lawful Commands of a Peace Officer. So, film the police in action all you want, just let your lawyers sort it out in the end.

Side Note: After viewing the video of this incident, the on duty and off duty Maryland State Troopers did what they were supposed to do: supress and dominate the sitution. Then, offer peaceful / reasonable solutions or arrest everyone in sight. This Motorcyclist was pulled over on a ramp from Northbound I-95. When he stopped, he had a Maryland State Police Cruiser behind him on the ramp with flashing lights, a screaming siren and a P.A. or loudspeaker, telling him hands up, don't move.

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