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Wikileaks exposes Clinton's cyberspy wish-list


Only in FREE societies

This sort of thing would never have occured in the open and peace loving countries of China, Cuba, North Korea, or Venezuela much less any of the former USSR . Come on guys show some guts, try a little wikileaks on any of the organized crime familes thoughout the world....

PARIS launch tomorrow come hell or high water


Godspeed Lester

Hope all is well, awaiting results with breathless anticipation. By the way please identifiy the brave lad actually riding PARIS to her climax... I know its not the Stig, a bit to short for F1.

US navy to battle Iranian mini-ekranoplan swarms with rayguns


.50 cal ????

I believe the U.S. Navy protects most of its high value targets with 20mm gatling style rotary cannons - the infamous R2D2's. Those wing in ground effect airboats appear a straight knock off of the 70's era Lippisch X-113 Am Aerofoil Boat, and look to have the same payload - little to none.

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